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Military’s New (Old) Position on DADT: Obama Still Very Busy, Will Get To You ‘At The Right Time’

Oh good! Finally some movement from the Obama administration on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell! Of course, this is the Obama administration, so by “movement” we mean “a new statement from a top official repeating past avoidance.” At bat is National Security Adviser Jim Jones, who reminds that the president is still a VERY, VERY BUSY PERSON and will, some day, get around to helping make this country safer by letting gays serve openly in our armed forces.

There’s nothing new here, sorry kids. Here’s Jones: “The president has an awful lot on his desk. I know this is an issue that he intends to take on at the appropriate time. He has already signaled that to the Defense Department. The Defense Department is doing the things it has to do to prepare, but at the right time, I’m sure the president will take it on. … I don’t think it’s going to be — it’s not years, but I think it will be teed up appropriately.”

The comments, prompted by CNN’s John King, come as Sen. Harry Reid makes a person plea to Obama and the Pentagon to explicitly instruct Congress on how to move ahead with DADT, and a top military journal demands the law’s repeal.

Oh, and Jones’ words also follow other impressive inaction from the Defense Department.

UPDATE: And no, the White House doesn’t feel the need to “clarify” Jones’ statement. Which means it stands, as is — and should be interpreted as coming directly from Obama himself.

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  • YellowRanger

    The fierce urgency of “IDK, we’ll totally get around to it at some point.”

  • schlukitz

    In my time, this dumb little waiting game was called “Shoving the peanut down the road with your nose.”

  • Sean Chapin

    If you are coming to Washington D.C. for the National Equality March, come out to the following on Saturday Oct 10 (day before the march and rally)

    Wreath Laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
    12pm @ Arlington National Cemetery

    Protest and Memorial Service Honoring Leonard Matlovich
    2pm @ Congressional Cemetery

  • will clemens

    Who cares, I am no patriot, and would not fight in any American war. Screw America !

  • Michael @

    Sean’s being too modest. He created that wonderful video above whose message remains universal regardless of what anyone thinks of NEM.

    It is reheating crocks of old bullshit from the White House kitchen, as National Homophobia Advisor James Jones did yesterday, that reinforces the need for us to pull ourselves out of the sleep induced by Obama Wan Kenobi’s cooing more hollow promises at the Tea Party for the Gays.

    Nothing has changed. He’s still discharging gays day after day after day…circa 437 since Barack “All it takes is leadership. I will provide that leadership” Obama was sworn in…and counting.

    During the campaign, in a different context, he recounted the story of FDR’s response to a call to conscience and action from black civil rights leader A. Philip Randolp” “I agree…now go out and MAKE me do it”—and said it should be applied to him, too.

    Well, it’s far past time we did what he asked. How many more times are we going to put up with turning on our televisions to hear another Presidential parrot say yet again that we’re just not good enough to be treated equally?

    If you’re in the DC area Saturday, you can start by coming to the DADT protest and memorial with Lt. Dan Choi [who wasn’t even born yet when Leonard first fought the ban] and Frank Kameny, et al., at Congressional Cemetery at 2 pm. 1801 E Street SE at Potomac Avenue. [Within walking distance of Potomac Ave & Stadium-Armory DC Metro stations.]

  • B

    Read for an interesting analysis of the issue. It’s an essay written by an air force colonel and it won an award. Don’t be fooled by the cover sheet – it has some quotes from the era where similar objections were raised about blacks, as a way of getting people to realize that there current opinions may be similarly misguided.

  • PopSnap

    Then after we’re done waiting, we can compromise on it with the Republicans! What a great idea!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Oh, I thought D.A.D.T was U.S Policy on A.I.D.S. My bad!

  • Bill Perdue

    DADT is an argument among Democrats. The GLBT movement is excluded from it and has zero ability to shape the outcome except as part of the anti-war movement demanding the total, immediate and permanent withdrawal of all us military and mercenary forces and those of US satellite states from the region to home bases.

    Clinton and his Democrat majority in Congress were totally responsible for DADT. The Republicans just smirked and voted with Clinton.

    People who expect support for our agenda from bigots like Clinton, Bush, Obama or Palin are losers. In general the approach by the march organizers for full rights in all fifty states is the best one, although it should be posed as a constitutional guarantee.

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