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Miss California: I Lost the Crown Because of That Gay Marriage Question

Miss USA

It takes a same-sex marriage controversy to get anyone to care, talk about, or remember the Miss USA pageant even took place. So: Well done, America! (No, really, WELL DONE.) When Miss California Carrie Prejean — a “motivational speaker” hopeful — responded to a question about whether she believes same-sex marriage should be legal, the Golden State’s reigning beauty had the audacity to say “no.” OMG! Even pretty people can be hateful! (She did say “no offense,” so, uh, none taken?) But question asker and judge-y blogger Perez Hilton didn’t let it end there. And neither did Prejean.

Immediately after the broadcast, Hilton made a video diary of his disgust in Prejean’s response, calling her a “bitch.” Then he went on MSNBC today and apologized for it. AND THEN TOOK BACK HIS APOLOGY.

Prejean, meanwhile, this morning told Miss USA host Billy Bush that her own sister, who is straight, is a gay rights activist (and Air Force lieutenant). And her sister — did we mention the sister is not gay? — told Prejean she wasn’t “offended by anything you said, we have two different opinions, and I love you because of it. I love you because you stood up for what was right, and it’s not a matter of being gay or not gay. It’s a matter of you competing for Miss USA and getting a question and answering it to the best of your ability.” Adds Prejean: “And should I have gotten that question? I don’t think I should have.”

Well, glad to know a heterosexual person doesn’t take offense to a family member not supporting civil rights.

Losing the crown to Miss North Carolina, Prejean now says it was Hilton’s question (or her answer) that cost her the crown. Perhaps — because what type of PR shitstorm would Miss USA, a pageant that wouldn’t function without gay folks, invite upon itself if it crowned a homophobe?

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  • Chitown Kev

    This cunt needs to STOP!

  • dgz

    first of all: i would feel a lot better about this whole thing if Perez weren’t the face of this controversy.

    second: Japhy, this article is hilarious. “Well, glad to know a heterosexual person doesn’t take offense to a family member not supporting civil rights.” <– priceless.

    third: hope her pageant career is over, because otherwise she’s gonna have some seriously effed up styling next time around. (yes, even worse than that feathered disaster.)

    and finally: she’s totally the next real housewife of orange county.

  • InExile

    Miss CA is the new Sarah Palin, don’t you see it? She can climb to the top of the political spectrum with her homophobia just like Sarah!

  • Catherine

    You know – I’m finding some ironies here. Anyone in the military who is gay or lesbian, in order to keep their job, must not share that unbelievably, identity-bonded, important piece of information openly. If such a person were in a public competition with millions watching and were asked their opinion of gay marriage, what would they say? Would they answer honestly?

    Just wondering.

  • Bruno

    @Chitown Kev:

    Are you talking about Prejean or Perez? LOL, probably both?

  • bek

    can anyone honestly really, truly take a pageant contestant seriously? my sister in law is a pageant freak and a hardcore mormon. there’s 2 points against her already. i’m sure she’s just wetting her pants over this lovely lady. ::eyeroll::

  • MikeDonner

    I was cheerin’ for her since I had lived in San Diego for many, many years. However, I have never heard of San Diego Christian University before…hmmmm.
    It is too bad that younger folks like her can’t be more open minded and excepting of others.
    Now, will she go on to be on FOX News? Boy, bet Billo, Sean and Glenn Beck would love to have her do an interview…perhaps in her swimsuit ;)

  • TANK

    Oh, this bitch’s is excepting of others…that’s the problem.

  • Trina

    Hot tranny mess

  • getreal

    As a Californian this woman embarrasses and infuriates me. As a person working to repeal Prop 8 I applaud Perez (Mario) for asking this question as this is the most important human rights issue facing our country and needs to be brought to light at every opportunity.

  • InExile

    Well it looks like the judges stood up against homophobia, when will our President? The sound of silence is deafening! Will he ever say the “G” word post election?

  • Qjersey

    opposite sex marriage?

    “in my country…”

    another pageant dipshit

  • MikeDonner

    I of course went on to Fox News web site. (my husband has blocked it on our TV) and sure enough, Miss California’s photo is…in her bikini!!!! If any one watches Billo O’Reilly let me know what they show….he’s so moral and up right after all!
    Then the FoxNew web went on to say that a gay couple in the lobby after the pagent was so upset that they said loudly that “they couldn’t believe she was even first runner-up!” to which…Miss New Mexico’s MOTHER yelled “the bible said Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!”
    What the heck? When did the bible get into the Miss USA pagent?!
    I know in Miss America,but…
    Maybe they hide a bible in their butt-glued bikini bottom which keeps their backs “straight” up.
    Now I just outed myself, I’m a pagent junky…don’t get me started about Ms. Carlson on “Fox & Fiends.”..Miss Colorado was robbed that year…sorry to readers in Minnesota.

  • Queerky

    So she thinks she lost because of her remark? I suppose it is easier to blame her loss on reverse discrimination than to face the fact that Miss North Carolina was the better contestant.

  • cathy

    Kind of arrogant of her and down-right rude to Miss North Carolina to claim that she would have one otherwise.

  • Bertie

    yup, you sure did lose – but don’t fret. Better than winning, you still have your God’s approval for you precious bigoted views.
    Aren’t you happy about that?

    ps — screw you

  • BrianZ

    You know, I come here to escape seeing that hags face and hearing his annoying voice. For all the supposed disdain you @ Queerty have for that fake bitch you sure do a decent job of promoting him!

    The picture is appropriate though: My “Dow” also shrinks bigtime every time I see his nasty ass! Swear to God, he missed retarded by like 2 points.

  • Ron

    I’m not just saying this because I don’t like Miss California due to her same-sex marriage views but I don’t think she’s very attractive. Her mouth is freakishly huge. Seriously, you know she’s one of those “bright” sorority girls that brags about being able to put her fist (or two) in her mouth.

  • MikeDonner

    I agree, she took the night away from Miss South Carolina…I smell a bitch slap-down! They both did look a lot a like though…I liked Miss Utah but I yelled “Oh, no! She’s a Mormon!” To which my hubby said…”not EVERYONE in Utah is a Moron.”
    What’s this about her fist in her mouth! Ick!

  • chadnnocal

    I am embarrassed that this hot mess is all that the state of California could produce along the lines of a Miss USA contestant.

    Make room for another vacant blonde pole dancer on meth at Fox to report the so called “fair and balanced reporting”.

  • Mike Barton

    I can be civilized enough to respect someone who can present an intelligent argument to support their opinion or even state an opinion without being able to explain it other than by saying it is based upon how they were raised. Bigotry, however, is born from ignorance. She sounded like an idiot, thus her answer betrayed her bigotry. She tried to phrase it delicately and failed.

  • Geoff

    Perez may not be the most shining example of a great person in gayland…but he was 100% right about this whole story. Good for him. (and I’m not buying the beauty queens sister isn’t gay)

  • sal

    i wonder if shes one of those “career pageant girls” ??i see that she’s going to San Diego christian college ,hope they are teaching her well??oh and she’s a was a finalist for a job with Deal or No Deal “as a box turning model of fame and glory.” lol

  • timncguy

    seems to me that she has since stated that both her sister and her mother are gay rights activists.

    But, last night in her answer, she said her anti-gay beliefs were from how she was raised in her family.

    So, what happened to turn her mother and her sister around on this issue?

  • The Gay Numbers

    I like how she thinks the Bible condones her having premarital sex.

  • alan brickman

    I have never been more proud of perez hilton…we should fly him out to every “beauty contest” to ask this most important question…

  • Alec

    @timncguy: Aren’t the pageant judges usually socially conservative (ironic, I know)? Maybe she was fielding a question she thought would be the middle ground. Who the hell knows why she believes what she does? We’ve all seen the YouTube of that poor girl in the Miss Teen USA performance. Thankfully, that one can be explained away from nerves, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she was trying to calculate the best “appease all present” response.

    Why is this news?

  • Thom Freeheart

    Hmm. Miss California has the same position on gay marriage as Barack Obama.

  • rogue dandelion

    she lost because she doesn’t understand tact. If you get asked a controversial news question, either answer intelligently and mindfully, or demur. Don’t be a stupid bitch. Or else you lose to south carolina.

  • MikeDonner

    My hubby has a feelin’ that it was some sort of set-up…as far as Donald Trump who likes to have publicity to surround his companies…so, why whould Mister Hilton be the one to ask a “Christian Fundi” that certain question?

  • Disgusted American

    USING Religion to Justify blatant Bigotry is so yesterday!

  • sal

    MY Miss California’s response/Answer lol “its easy and tempting to place MY/our belief ahead of all but you know what they say no man is an island.if i had a son or a daughter who was gay bisexual or transgendered i wouldn’t like to think i had any part with my words or actions in making him or her a second class citizen.Yes,i personally may not understand glbt individuals but i must not forget they are humans too who bleed like me.yes we more than likely will debate it all but let us not forget they have a right to an equal life,after all isn’t that the American way?” crown mah girl!!!!

  • Marc

    @MikeDonner: “why whould Mister Hilton be the one to ask a “Christian Fundi” that certain question?”

    Maybe you didn’t watch the pageant? It’s a “draw a name” selection. No one knew ahead of time who would be asking her a question. With that said, I’m sure Perez knew exactly what question he would ask Miss Cal. (mainly due to Prop 8 and of course the general marriage debate) should she select his name. I’m personally super glad he asked her the question but VERY disappointed at his immediate video response. Extremely unprofessional! But then again we are talking about Perez! Par for the course.

  • benjamin

    Didn’t she use her upbringing as an excuse as to why she was against gay marriage ? And yet her SISTER feels differently. So surely she can’t blame her parents for her prejudices. Her sister was smart enough to outgrow them.

  • Ali

    Her bigoted point of view offends me, but only mildly; a lot of people believe the same thing. But it’s her inarticulate explanation of her point of view and her total ignorance on the issue that really had me shaking my head in disbelief.

    She’s like Miss Teen South Carolina but with gays instead of geography. “I personally believe that, the same-sex or opposite sex like such as choice, no offense, marriage should be between a man and a woman.” They learn them real good at Christian U!

    She lucked out that she has good looks going for her. It sounds like her sister got the entire allotment of brains.

  • Eliot

    I thought we lived in a country where people had the right to say their opinion in a democratic way. So, should she lie about what she believes? Should she be so hipocrit and say the opposite just to win a competition? I think she was very corageous and it´s so bad that she didn´t win. She is gorgeous and would represent the USA better than the other girl.
    This is just patetic..

  • getreal

    “In my country”

    It is an interesting freudian slip. Right wing conservatives deep down think this country is theirs and anyone who does not fit into their narrow idea of who is acceptable (white, conservative, and Christian) does not deserve the same piece of the American dream.

  • Monica Roberts

    Perez Hilton has never had to look down at his Black mulilated genitalia and ask himself “WHY??”

    “WHY couldn’t I have just been a famous drag queen?”

    “WHY do I live with 3 questionable roomates in a shabby place in Louisville, Kentucky, when I could have just STAYED in Houston to answer some trumped up ‘failure to appear’ warrants?”

    WHY is it so damn hard to find well fitting shoes and be the celebrity I was meant to be?”

  • DeAndre Jackson

    Same-sex intercourse carries the death penalty in five officially Muslim nations: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, Sudan, and Yemen. [3] It formerly carried the death penalty in Afghanistan under the Taliban, and in Iraq under a 2001 decree by Saddam Hussein. The legal situation in the United Arab Emirates is unclear. In many Muslim nations, such as Bahrain, Qatar, Algeria or the Maldives, homosexuality is punished with jail time, fines or corporal punishment. In some Muslim-majority nations, such as Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, or Mali, same-sex intercourse is not forbidden by law. However, in Egypt gays have been the victims of laws against “morality”.

    In Saudi Arabia, the maximium punishment for homosexuality is public execution, but the government will use other punishments, i.e. fines, jail time and whipping as alternatives, unless it feels that homosexuals are challenging state authority by engaging in a gay rights movement. [4] Iran is perhaps the nation to execute the largest number of its citizens for homosexuality. Since its Islamic revolution in Iran, the Iranian government has executed more than 4000 people charged with homosexual acts. In Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban homosexuality went from a capital crime to one that it punished with fines and prison sentence, and a similar situation seems to have occurred in Iraq.

  • Miss Understood

    I hope her hairdresser and makeup artist plan a mutiny and sneak acid into her foundation glue in her hair color!

  • Miss Conceived

    This contest and girls like me sympathize with the Taliban. Maybe they have the right idea, perhaps women shouldn’t be allowed to speak after all.


    It’s been about 20 years since I’ve watched a beauty pageant. When did they start asking controversial questions?

  • AlwaysGay

    She has a right to say her beliefs and we have the right to tell her she is wrong. Marriage is a right gay couples are entitled to.

  • Renee

    I’d like to say… that I agree with Miss California and stand up in applause at her boldness. Number one… this is a beauty pageant people!! Number two, she answered how she feels, is she supposed to lie? Some will say yes, I say no. This is not a “hate” statement for cyring out loud people, what is our world coming to? No freedom of speech now? The word GOD is being taken out of our lives? Why… because people get offended???! God is getting offended here… he created us and we’re disowning him.

  • Landon Bryce


    I was offended because she said she was proud that people in the United States could choose same sex marriage or “opposite marriage.” People in the United States cannot choose same sex marriage– even those states that do allow it cannot offer gay couples any Federal marriage benefits, which are the more significant things like social security, tax benefits, and the right not to be separated if you fall in love with someone from another country. No same sex couple gets to choose those things. It’s not okay for someone to express an opinion on same sex marriage in America without understanding that it does not exist here in any significant way. I can’t choose it. She said in front of a large impressionable audience that I could. If she were right, she would certainly be entitled to her opinion. She does not have the right to lie about other people’s rights.

  • REBELComx

    @Renee: Miss California certainly has freedom of speech. And we certainly have the freedom to express our opinions on what she says. The right to speak publicly and express your opinion comes with the responsibility to face the consequences of your actions.
    As far as “god” creating us and being offended. I have to ask which god? You believe in god for the same reason Miss California hear has her view of gay marriage…it’s how you were raised. This belief was instilled in you at an early age and now is part of your psychology. But why this god? Why not Odin, or Ra, or Vishnu, or Zeus? You’re belief in the Judeo/Christian god is only there because it was taught to you as it was taught through generations and only because that group of believers was “in charge” for 1000+ years. Science, History, Archeology, Paleontology, Psychology basically show us that all gods are the inventions of man; personifications of nature or natural forces that were constructed by an ignorant people in order to both understand and control the world around them.
    Modern man’s greatest folly is to cling to the notion that he was created by gods and to forget that it was actually the other way around.

  • April

    It goes both ways:

    “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” -Noam Chomsky

    He asked her opinion, she gave it. If he wanted her to regurgitate the PC response he should have stated that in his question.

  • VAgirl

    First off, she was supposed to be judged on how poised and confidently she answered the question…. not on whether or not her views were shared by others! If she “lost the crown” because judges didn’t agree with her then that’s just messed up! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions in this country…..

  • strumpetwindsock

    Entitled, yes. But a job interview is not always the best place to express that dubious freedom.

    Miss America is, after all, a good example of faux royalty. She’s a polite figurehead – representative of and accessible to everyone.

    The the job description calls for diplomacy, not naive, grandstanding honesty.

    If she had said she thought we should all be rounded up and sent to holiday camps she might have been very honest, poised and confident, but I doubt the judges would have honoured her with the crown.

  • Renee

    “As far as “god” which one?” as you put it… please don’t pretend you know how I was “raised”… I was not “raised” a believer and I’m not going to give my testimony, but I did LEARN of God and I do now BELIEVE in Him, because I have faith and I’ve studied the facts (though thats not what faith is about, but some people are stubborn, like you and I are.) There is more to prove that my God is the only God than anything else. But knowing people like you, you will take that as offensive, but thats how people that don’t have open minds think. You have your mind set on ONE thing and thats where it will stay. If you want to talk about “gods” and faith then know what you’re talking about first. John 14:6 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.”

  • alyssa

    people need to leave her alone. they asked a question on her opinon so she said what she thought. its not right for her to lose her crown at all.

  • Landon Bryce


    She was not stripped of her title, and she did great in the contest! She came in second! Which, from my recollection, is pretty good for Miss California. We tend to place but not to win in beauty contests, going back forever. I don’t think her answer cost her the crown at all, and I would not personally have been offended by a defense of a traditional position on same sex marriage. They did, after all, ask for her opinion. I was offended by her nonsensical “I’m proud to live in a country where we can all choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage” because we don’t actually have that choice. She expressed an opinion opposing the rights of other people without actually understanding the rights we don’t have.

    That’s legitimately offensive, no matter what your opinion might be.

  • sal

    “Then let’s make sure they don’t forget these verses:
    Exodus 21:20-21
    20 If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, 21 but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property
    Leviticus 25:44
    Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves…
    Titus 2:9
    Teach slaves to be subject to their masters in everything, to try to please them, not to talk back to them,
    1 Peter 2:18
    Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.
    1 Corinthians 14:34:
    34women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says.
    1 Timothy 2:11 -12
    11 A woman should learn in quietness and full submission
    12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.
    And there’s a whole lot more were that came from.”

    to all the Christians here i put this up for ya(got this from some dude on another website),this is in ya bible

  • yet another anon

    to renee #51…

    what “facts” did you learn that led you to believe in (your) God?

    that is…

    “There is more to prove that my God is the only God than anything else.”

    what “proof” do you have?

  • REBELComx

    @Renee: Something tells me that as a lifelong student of HISTORY as well as theology and philosophy, I probably am more familiar with the facts than you are, madam. There is absolutely no more evidence to support the existence of the Judeo/Christian idea of God than there is for ANY other pantheon of deities; be they Odin and Thor, Zeus and Eros, Horus and Isis, Vishnu and Kali, the various gods of Native American peoples, or those of the ancient Chinese. There were hundreds of cultures that prayed to various gods long before your religion’s concept of god even existed. The only difference between Jehova and Cthulhu is that we KNOW that Cthulhu was invented by a sickly, semi-racist, white man who had bad dreams in the mid 1920s.

  • c'mon

    It’s funny how people criticize the minor grammar mistakes this young lady used as if that invalidates her opinion. She did it without the chance to practice this unfair question in front of millions of viewers when nearly every post on this page has mistakes in written text people wrote with the opportunity of using grammar and spell checkers. She made 3 mistakes:
    1. gays can marry in America – ok, she meant gays can choose to be couples
    2. my country – most voters in my country
    3. opposite marriage – heterosexual marriage
    You know what she meant. Besides those minor miss wordings, she gave a good answer to the question about whether she THINKS other states should do as Vermont did. Certainly there was nothing to cause offense by expressing a heartfelt opinion respectfully yet boldly. Mr. Hilton could learn from her.
    On another point, I’m amazed at the arrogance of so many writing here. Do we need to cut someone down to make our point? Some here seem to have such a superiority complex! What right do we have to tell people that they have no basis for what they believe?
    Gays are not second class citizens by not having marriage in some states. Now that’s ridiculous. What law or constitution ever mentions that? I’ll make it easy for you: NONE.
    Nature is the closest absolute people can agree on that relates to the concept of God and how the world came about. Show me a gay couple that can have a baby naturally. It is simply unnatural to attempt to procreate homosexually.
    And another thing, anyone who thinks Christianity started when Christ was born doesn’t understand it. The Old Testament and many other sacred writings talk of Christ long before His birth and talk of His role in the creation of the world and the universe. Man came into being after the world was created, and was responsible for inventing man-made religions, not the truth, which true religion espouses. Humans cannot change or reason away the facts of how the earth came into existence and expect to change the truth. They can only change their minds. God will also reveal to them the truth if they are humble seekers of it. That is absolute proof. It’s indisputable and personal. No person can tell another they didn’t feel God’s presence. It’s just not their prerogative.
    So leave this girl to follow and express her opinions, especially since I agree with what she was trying to say and did say a lot better than I would have done in her situation. Mr. Hilton is an embarrassment to the concept of respect and decency in America and should have had no part in this contest.

  • getreal

    @c’mon: She was auditioning to be the spokesperson for the USA. That is what Miss USA is. So it is entirely appropriate to expect her to be able to be a good public speaker that was the JOB she was applying for. I guess this is what some people call conservative affirmative action. They are never supposed to be judged on their merit but the rest of us are supposed to. Kind of like George Bush who got into Yale with a C- average conservative affirmative action. Or a woman who is applying for a job as a spokesperson is not supposed to be judged on how she speaks. Conservative affirmative action.

  • sal

    @c’mon: UMM my friend the followers of the old testament hated Jesus ,that’s why they (the majority of that time) said to Pontius Pilate he should be killed .Jesus changed the religion(old testam..NEW TESTAMENT!!) religion evolves(like eating shell fish was bad back in the day and now its an industry!! and slavery was allowed in the bible,do you agree with slavery my friend???it’s in the bible!!!)

    silly rabbit,tricks are for kids!!

  • sal

    @c’mon: you talk about the bible as is it fairy dust and sugar plums,by your comment i sooo know you dont really read the bible .havent u seen countries where they live it??!!women have NO rights!!if u look at history we have come a long way and the fight was always against the “conservative,religious” folks,u benefit from the ones who fought against blind hate.u want a Christan world,be careful of what u wish 4

  • geoff

    @c’mon: I can show you straight married couples who can’t have a baby naturally, should they not be allowed to be married? No, didn’t think so. And yes, by not being allowed to marry, gays are treated as second class citizens. We pay taxes same as everyone else but are not afforded the same rights and privileges, and please don’t start on civil unions, as most states don’t provide those either. As for the last part of your statement, I am more than happy to let her follow her own beliefs just as I am happy to follow my own belief that she is a stupid bigoted twat. P.S. You are absolutely right about Perez Hilton. He is ususally an affront to respect and decency, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • HANK

    @renee and C’MON–Commenting on a gay-themed website makes you gay. Just thought you should know.

  • Cheryl Baker

    Miss California did not give a very good answer. She was vascillating at first and seemed a bit scattered as she was speaking. She did not show confidence and poise under pressure.

  • REBELComx

    By not having all the same rights as straight people, we do not have the same level of freedom, which makes us second class citizens.
    In nature, where it does exist naturally, homosexuality has been shown to be a method of population control. Some animals in nature procreate asexually, and some can even CHANGE THEIR GENDER at will in order to facilitate low population growth. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
    Christianity, as a religion, did not start until after Christ’s supposed death…I say supposed because we have no evidence whatsoever to suggest he actually existed in the first place. In fact, we have more evidence to support that he was made up by Peter. ALL religions espouse to be truth. That’s their fundamental flaw. You are just as sure that you’re religion is right as the Muslims are, or the Jews, or the Hindus, or the Shinto. Blind, Unquestioning Faith = Ignorance

  • gerald klein

    God bless miss california she did not back down from god’s position on same sex marriage and will be rewarded with many crowns in heaven. i just pray i am able to meet and greet her before her eternal reward.

  • Landon Bryce

    @gerald klein:

    God’s position is that people in the United States have the right to choose same sex marriage but that he prefers “opposite marriage”?

    Please, Gerry, honey– call him and tell him he’s entitled to his opinion but he needs to get his facts rights. Only “opposite marriage” is allowed in most places in the United States. Only “opposite” couples get any federal benefits. :(

    If you could pass this on to God, so he could pass it on to his fans– I bet he could get more followers on Twitter than Ashton Kutcher!– I would really appreciate it.

    And I’m sure I’m not alone in my opinion that Carrie might not be as enthusiastic as you are about a meeting.

  • Shannon

    Perez Hilton is a douche bag! Miss CA was just stating her honest opinion! Get a grip people!

  • Andrew

    @Chitown Kev:

    First of all Miss california should not have loss the competition because the judges were bias. I felt that the same question should have been ask to each contestent to get their reply. How can you make a correct judgement when everyone is given a different question?

    To her answer: I also feel as she do that marriage is between a woman and man as explain in the bible. Therefore, instead of pushing for gay marriage rights. I would feel better if they called their unit something else rather than marriage.

    As far as rights to pensions of their partners etc goes I have no problem with them getting rights. I have a problem when they call their union marriage. If they called it for example Partners committment cermoney I am ok with that or something like it not marriage.

    Miss califoria you are a smart woman who have rights and standards just like the gays and you exercise your rights just like they do. They don’t like what you said live with it because we have to live with their feelings every day and we certainly don’t react like they do.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Sorry man, the bible is not the final word on marriage. What do you think people in China, the Americas, and elsewhere in the world have been doing for millennia?
    Everyone has their own marriage custom and the Christian version is just one of them.
    But you might be surprised how little there is in the bible about it. There are plenty of rules about how to treat your partner (not all of them nice) but nothing spelling out any rules about how to get married. No ceremony, no need for clergy, nothing. It doesn’t even specifically say you can’t marry anyone of the same sex, though there were plenty of examples in there of multiple wives, and even of having sex with your slaves and children, when it was convenient.

  • Laura C.

    What happened to free speech?


    @Laura C.: I’m not sure what you mean by that. No one is suggesting she should be arrested or anything, only that she managed, in a few short sentences, to be bigoted, self-contradictory, incoherent, and factually incorrect.

  • getreal

    @Laura C.: She had it. She used that opportunity to exercise her right to free speech and voice bigotry. People have a right to be offended that she is advocated special rights for heterosexuals. And for the record Laura I am a straight Christian female and I was offended.


    What happened to the values that America is grounded on?

    When are we going to stop trying to legalize everything that pleases a majority of folks? Just because I am accepting of gays don’t mean it needs to be legalized. What are we going to try legalizing next? Because I can assure you those crying out for gay rights won’t be the last. Soon as we legalize that, someone is going to come up with something else they think is part of their civil rights and want it legalized.

    Can’t y’all see where we’re heading?


    @ SAL: The BIBLE will make no sense when you quote it out of context. You must read the whole to understand the part. Just to let you know.

  • Mizuha

    If nature intended two creatures of the same sex to get together, then why are there two sexes?

  • B

    No. 73 · GODSLAND wrote, “What happened to the values that America is grounded on? When are we going to stop trying to legalize everything that pleases a majority of folk”

    We’ll stop “trying to legalize everything that pleases a majority of folk” when we stop electing politicians by a majority vote. Most of them want to keep their jobs.

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