Missing: John Amaechi’s HRC Blog

When Human Rights Campaign announced that freshly-outed John Amaechi would lend his face to their National Coming Out Day, they also revealed the group would sponsor Amaechi’s nationwide book tour.

As part of that deal, Amaechi would blog about the “sites he sees, the people he meets and the experiences he has along the way”. Well, that book tour kicked off on February 17th and continued with an appearance in San Francisco and one yesterday in Salt Lake City. Well, guess what, Amaechi has yet to write a reflective word.

There are no reports on the sites Amaechi’s seen, there are no musings on the masses he meets and there are certainly no reflections on his experiences over the last six-days. Sure, it’s possible Amaechi’s too overwhelmed to post his own entries, but one would hope HRC has a blogger or two on their pay roll. Although, maybe they got more selective after that whole Lane Hudson debacle.

Regardless, we’re waiting. C’mon guys – you can leave us high, but don’t even think about leaving us dry.