Mississippi Corrections Officer Fired For Being Gay (Which His Boss Only Found Out About When His Boyfriend Started Beating Him)

The ACLU today brought suit against the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi on behalf of Andre Cooley, a corrections officer for juvenile detainees, who was fired after his then-supervisor responded to a June domestic violence 911 call between Cooley and his boyfriend. “After Cooley’s boyfriend told Bolton that he and Cooley were in a relationship, Bolton told Cooley not to return to work before speaking with his immediate supervisor,” an ACLU release claims. “The next day, Staff Sergeant of Jail Operations Donnell Brannon informed Cooley that he was being permanently terminated. Cooley asked Brannon if he was being fired because he was gay, and Brannon responded, ‘Yes.’” Man I hope there was a digital recorder going.

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  • Ogre Magi

    Geez, that is F’ed up!

  • tallskin2

    Again, this is like the f*cking 1950s!!!

  • Jenny


    It’s not like the 1950s, it’s like the 2000s because there is no federal law that prevents discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation. Unless a state or locality has a law preventing such bias, it’s perfectly legal.

  • Jenny

    There should have been more focus on getting ENDA passed than DADT. ENDA serves the largest number of people and would have also provided more of a basis for DADT.

    Now that the Republicans look to gain control of the House of Representative, both are probably dead for years to come.

  • greenluv1322

    @Jenny: Thank you! I have been thinking the same thing.

  • Kieran

    See how much things have changed with a Democratic president and Democratic congress? C’mon suckers everybody sing! “Hope and change are here again! The skies above are blue again!….la la la la lah la la la lah lah….

  • tallskin2

    @Jenny – sorry I should have added; “it’s like the 1950s in the UK (or in fact the 60s, 70s, 80s or even 90s in the UK)” – not possible now here in the UK cos of anti-discrimination laws we have

  • Jack

    Last year was the year of the dead celebrity. This year it’s be as big of dicks as possible to the gays.

  • D Smith

    @Jenny: also in passing ENDA… it would have effected DADT also… because at its root, DADT is a form of employment discrimination

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