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Mistaken for a Homosexual, Toronto Mayor Hopeful Adam Giambrone Is Actually a Giant Womanizer

Well isn’t this a turn of events: Adam Giambrone, the 32-year-old city councilor and Toronto mayoral candidate who was mistaken for a gay last month, is actually a rampant heterosexual. Not only is he holding down with his live-in girlfriend Sarah McQuarrie, but he admitted rumors about his infidelity are true, and that he’s had “intimate relations” with a number of women over the past year.

And because this is how the world works, there are naked cell phone snaps floating around, like the one pictured, allegedly sent to 20-year-old college student Kristen Lucas, who’s sharing his texts with the media, and says they screwed on his City Hall couch.

Yeah, we would’ve stuck with the gay rumor too.

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