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Model Nyle DiMarco shows off his very best asset

Nyle DiMarco fans, the gods do smile upon thee on this fine day, for the model and former reality star has decided to be particularly generous in doling out his manflesh, offering up key parts of his enviable anatomy, which are on full display for your immediate perusal.

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You are commanded to presently stop everything you’re doing to take a look at DiMarco’s considerable gifts. Provided your boss isn’t hovering over your cubicle, armed with a stack of briefs that need your conspicuously divided attention, you can head over to Instagram to take a look at what Nyle is eager to show you.

We can assure you briefs don’t enter into it.

Will you be my beach? ?

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Happy Friday! ?: @taylormillerphoto

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Mexico, I LOVE YOU – Thank you @HotelMousai #MousaiMemories @howelltalentrelations

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A post shared by Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) on

I'm a couch potato ? ?: @taylormillerphoto

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    Any updates on his fluid the tide in or out?

  • skilos

    Not bad for a relative flat ass.

    • BriBri

      I’d hit you!

    • Eiswirth

      I can’t get enough of him; he’s so beautiful.

  • BriBri

    Cute but little to no bulge.

  • CanadianGuy62

    If his ass is his best asset, the guy will be bankrupt in no time. That is one flat, ugly-ass ass.

    • Eiswirth

      Said Stevie Wonder.

  • brandon

    The trolls on this site are such f’in morons haha.. It’s laughable on how miserable they are in their own lives. Nyle is a beautiful human being. Keep doing your thing dude!

    • eireapparent

      EXACTLY! If he were on Scruff right now, they’d be poking a hole through their phones trying to woof at him! It’s the kinda crap you say about a 300,000 sports car that you’re never going to get. Sour grapes.

    • RomanHans

      Exactly. Nyle is a hot, smart, outspoken guy. We have enough enemies — and silent, complicit folks — who deserve our snark that we should stick to applauding our friends.

    • Donston

      No one is above being made fun of. I mean, the man is a narcissistic, oddly self-pitying attention whore who doesn’t identify as hetero because “if a girl can say woman is beautiful why can’t a man say a guy is hot?” or whatever nonsense. Just because someone is a “friend” or whatever doesn’t mean snark can’t be thrown their way. Just like some look to hate on everyone no matter what some also kiss the asses of any decent looking person who is supposedly “gay-friendly” no matter what. Neither instinct is good.

  • Prax07

    Blah blah blah, he may be pretty, and narcissistic, but the truth, as stated above, is he does indeed have a flat ass, like a pancake. he should’ve gobe one step further and photoshopped that booty before releasing it.

  • avesraggiana

    Where’s the ass? Squats and lunges are definitely in order.

  • Donston

    I didn’t want to hate, but yes, he is lacking in the ass department, which is always a disappointment from muscular and tall guys. I’m guessing that’s why it took so long for him to show it and why it’s such a far away shot. Having said all that I have about him, he is generally a looker. Not my type for a variety of reasons but still a looker.

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