Including Getting "Scuzzy"

Model Will Do Anything to Get “Trashy”

Lesbianic website Our Chart has yet to debut it’s Los Angeles ladies soap, Girltrash, but series creator Angela Robinson’s keeps on talking it up.

This week, she informs us that Sports Illustrated model Michelle Lombardo practically begged to play a gritty girl named Tyler:

I auditioned tons of girls for Tyler and nobody was right and then Michelle Lombardo walked in, who was not right but was OBSESSED with being in Girltrash.

She reads for the part and is pretty great, but way too pretty to be believably trashy. Her agent calls me that night, tells me Michelle wants to be in Girltrash. I tell him she’s too beautiful to play the part — Tyler is supposed to be a (hot) scuzzy, ratty, dykey low-life chick. Michelle’s agent says she’s DYING to be in Girltrash, would you meet with her. Me and Alex (my partner) go to the 101 Cafe in Hollywood and meet with her. She is lovely. We tell her, you’re too beautiful to play this part. She says she can do it, she’ll cut off her hair, whatever it takes, she wants to play Tyler.

Robinson had Lombardo read for the role again and, guess what, she nailed it.

So, Robinson gave her the role, but only after Lombardo agreed to cut her hair into a more dyke-friendly style. Unfortunately, Lombardo also landed a gig on Entourage and couldn’t comply with the hair regulations. So, what did Robinson and company do to Lombardo’s do? They just gunked it all up. Those lesbians sure are industrious!

See what Lombardo looks like as a labia lover, after the jump.

That’s one fine looking lesbian…