Molly Wei And Dharun Ravi’s Classmates Take The Stand Today

Molly Wei, took the stand today in the Dharun Ravi trial along with several other of Ravi’s classmates, in what generally was a bad day for the defendant: His claim that the webcam spying wasn’t deliberate was dismantled by Wei.

Wei (right), who struck a plea deal with prosecutors, said that Ravi was “freaking out” when she and Ravi looked at his webcam to spy on Clementi with another man. “[He was] just shocked and kind of surprised by what he saw. Kind of freaking out. He might’ve said, ‘Oh, he is gay,’ or something.”

She also implied that he tried to get away with things instead of ‘fessing up. “I think that he thought we were going to get in trouble, so he wanted to make it seem like it was more of an accident.”

But testimony today also held some promise for Ravi, suggesting the defendant was more distrustful of Clementi’s modest origins than the fact that he was gay.

Pooja Kolluri, who also looked at the webcam, said Ravi thought Clementi’s date, identified only as M.B. in court papers, was going to steal his iPad.

“I saw two males kissing and it was the back of them—I couldn’t see their faces. I believe they had their shirts off. His roommate had asked for the room from 9 to 12 and [Ravi] didn’t know why, so he set up his webcam to make sure his things weren’t touched.”

Ravi’s friend Scott Xu testified, saying Ravi distrusted M.B. because he seemed older and “shady.”

“The only thing I heard about [M.B.] was that he looked ‘shady,’ ” said Xu, putting aggressive air-quotes around shady with his fingers. “It’s kind of a slang term for suspicious looking.”

Ravi is charged with invasion of privacy for filming two of Clementi’s gay trysts, as well as bias intimidation, witness tampering and hindering arrest.