Mommy Blogger Of Pink Headband Fame Hospitalized For Mental Evaluation

dexter-katieThe Florida mother who climbed to the highest peaks of the Internet to shout the tale of a giant, burly man that called her two-year-old son a “faggot” in a local Walmart has been hospitalized against her will pending a mental evaluation.

31-year-old mommy blogger Katie Vyktoriah (real name Kathleen Carpenter) originally wrote about the incident on her personal blog, She claimed, among other things, that without provocation, her son Dexter was assaulted and called a “faggot” for wearing a pink headband during a recent trip to Walmart in Davenport, Florida. Her site later “crashed” due to the overwhelming response the post had received, so HuffPo ran it as an op-ed piece.

Today, HuffPo has removed the piece amidst claims that the author is a “pathological liar” and most likely fabricated the story entirely. It only took about 40 seconds for readers to question the validity of the story after we reported it earlier this week—many of you pointed to Carpenter’s previous claims that she survived four kidnapping attempts, was “meant to be [on the American Airlines flight that crashed] in NYC on 9/11,” and allegedly suffers from a number of self-diagnosed ailments.

Following the backlash, Carpenter deleted her personal blog and all social media accounts. She then called the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and told an officer that she was thinking of killing herself.

With that, The Orlando Sentinel reports, Carpenter was taken into custody under Florida’s Baker Act, a law that allows police to involuntary imprison people in mental institutions. A police report claims that “the attention obtained by her story and the negative comments and communications to her had become too much stress and she could not handle the situation…anymore.”

Officials in Lake County confirmed that Carpenter did file a police report detailing the original incident, and “the continuing media response through Facebook and generated response to the incident by online subscribers, possible video of the incident may be obtained and viewed to in fact verify that the incident actually did occur or if it was all made up.”