More Americans Support Marriage Equality. Will GOPs Follow? Don’t Count On It

Everyone is creaming over this just-released bipartisan study commissioned by Freedom to Marry showing that support for marriage equality has “accelerated dramatically” over the last two years— especially among independent voters—making the issue “increasingly safe political ground” that will “dominate” the political landscape in future years. But before you start expecting more GOPs to follow this national trend, you should take a look at another study.

According to a recent National Journal Political Insiders poll, “Democratic political operatives overwhelmingly say the time has come for gay marriage, while a majority of Republicans now believe they should just avoid this issue.” That’s right, not support the issue, but avoid it. The same way they avoided George “Albatross” Bush during the 2008 elections.

You can’t spend the last few decades actively demonizing and campaigning against the gay community and then just turn around and say, “Remember us? We’re your friends! Oh, all that ‘activist judge,’ ‘traditional marriage’ talk? We take it all back!”

We remember the last 30 years and anti-gay positions continue to define the Republican party as most of their current presidential candidates support a constitutional ban against same-sex marriage.

I don’t wanna piss on the New York victory or the GOP senators who voted for statewide marriage equality, but those senators had a lot of financial backing by donors who promised to help cover their re-election costs if they took a stand and do the right thing.

Any Republican who decided to start vocally supporting gay marriage would get eaten alive by their own party for bring up an issue they’d rather avoid. This same Republican would also run the risk of making their fellow GOP legislators look like bigoted dinosaurs when the other elephants would rather the electorate just forget about their past records.

In short, Republicans will start supporting marriage equality when someone promises to financially shield them from getting eaten by their own once they do.