More On Whether America Can Handle Gay ‘Idol’

American Idol‘s faggotry got some mainstream attention this weekend.

Following male stripper David Hernandez and not-officially-out Danny Noriega’s respective sackings, CNN took some time to again address the nation’s most burning question: Is America ready for a gay American Idol.

Neither Noriega, nor Hernandez used the occasion to express any opinion one way or another (Hernandez says he was judged by his singing), openly gay former contestant Jim Verraro came out to talk about his personal fear of being outed – and how one’s private sexuality shouldn’t trump one’s talent. That’s kind of funny coming from Verraro, who wouldn’t even be on CNN if he didn’t do dudes.

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  • beefy

    didn’t they already have one? kelly clarkson pings my gaydar every time!! or am i the only one?

  • abelincoln

    >>one’s private sexuality shouldn’t trump one’s talent<<
    First you have to have talent. After that we can talk about privates.

  • Jason

    Every time I see David Archuleta he jams my gaydar.

  • fredo777

    The only thing about David A. that made me question were some of his mannerisms when he performed ‘Shop Around’. That’s not enough to peg someone’s sexuality, though.

    Jim Verraros, while I’m not crazy about his music, got a lot easier on the eyes post-Idol + I loved him in the “Eating Out” movies.

  • Sgt Howie

    Never mind his mannerisms, Archuleta’s Jennifer Holiday impression didn’t ping your gaydar?

    Also, did somebody forget about Gaiken?

  • fredo777


    I never watched his Jennifer Holiday impression, actually.

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