Mormons Getting Reamed For Anti-Gay Ways

Californian queers are still burning up over this week’s passage of Proposition 8, which overturned gay marriage in the Golden State.

In addition to Wednesday’s protests, die-hard activists are now turning their attention on the Church of Latter-day Saints, which played a pivotal role in rallying their troops behind the discriminatory ballot measure.

Crowds of gays gathered yesterday outside a Mormon temple in Westwood, California, where they brandished signs decrying the group’s anti-gay lobbying. Then, as the sun went down, about 3,000 people flooded into the street and tangling traffic. Though the action was mostly peaceful, there were three arrests, according to the Associated Press.

In addition to these protests – and three lawsuits – gay marriage activists are also hoping to hit the Mormon church where it hurts: they’ve launched a petition to strip the group of their tax-exempt status. That status stipulates that religious groups not use their organization and power for political purposes.

To restore the right stolen from us, we must correct the amendment to California’s constitution. To do this requires another statewide proposition. Yet how will we avoid another election season of deception, when the Mormon Church can pour limitless, tax-free money into advancing their platform?

In this country, you can be a church. You can be a political action committee. You cannot be both. The Mormon Church stands in direct defiance of the spirit of our laws by actively campaigning to change California law.

You can be sure California hasn’t heard the last of these cries – in fact, there are scores of protests planned for this weekend. We gays are tenacious – as we should be!

Thanks to reader Marco for these pictures!