Morning Aural: Ivri Lider
From a reader named Mike Phifer:

Hey, I’ll try to keep this quick. I recently moved from Washington, DC to Tel Aviv to be with my boyfriend, Ivri Lider, who just happens to be the biggest, most successful rockstar in Israel…and he’s openly gay.

Long story short, he has his first English US release on Sony’s Music with a Twist: Revolutions. The song is called “Jesse,” and we now have a video for it on YouTube and soon on the LOGO channel.

He hopes to have a full english album out late this year or early next year, and we need all the support we can get in the meantime. Hopefully with
your help, we can replicate his huge success in Israel in the US.

The power’s in your hands, readers.

Oh, we’ve also included, “The Man I Love,” which Lider sang in The Bubble – a brilliantly depressing story about an Israeli and a Palestinian in love. Gay love…