Morning Aural: Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright’s getting all political and shit in his new single, “Going To A Town”. The track, from his forthcoming Release The Stars, addresses America’s discriminatory culture, especially our nation’s anti-gay policies.

We know we’ll gain a lot of enemies by saying this, but we’re not the biggest Wainwright fans. We have to say, however, this track gives us a chill. In a good way, of course. Well done, Wainwright. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll buy your album when it comes out May 15. What say you, reader? Will you be the first in your gayborhood to own the gay singer’s latest aural offering?

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  • Teelin

    Yeah, I’m not that into Wainwright’s music either.

  • Yogin

    Who’s he? He’ll leave America just as he is: an unknown.

  • fax

    I think Rufus is a genius and one of the best singer/songwriters of our time, so it’s hard for me to understand why people don’t like him. Great talents generally elicit strong feelings one way or the other. I find Rufus’s lyrics so relevant and his music so poignant I have to stop whatever I’m doing and listen, and of course I couldn’t have said it better, “I’m so tired of you America”.

  • adamblast

    His voice and songwriting both take some getting used to. They’re very unique, and an acquired taste. But it’s amazgin stuff if you can get into it. He’s an exceptional talent.

  • Charles

    I think his first album is a straight up masterpiece and everything he has done since has been a sharp disappointment to me. He was aiming for mainstream success with the first album, he deserved it, didnt receive it, and has retreated ever since-the songs have gotten more precious and stylized and it’s like he is aiming only to gay men who live south of 23rd Street in Manhattan now. It’s a shame.

  • Two Daddies

    Not like Rufus? Do you guys know something I don’t? I saw him live at the hollywood bowl with KD Lang, what an amazingly talented singer song writer. I know he’s no Paris Hilton or Britney to whom the gays are devoted. but seriously put people in context, Rufus comes from folk musicians, war dissenters, and rabble rousers. Give the man some respect for caring more about the political beating we’ve been taking around the world than about “morning goods”.

    To stay relevant, you guys might try being terse and funny about smarter things. Read a few segments of “Get your War On” Check out the Daily Show, read some non-fiction books that arent’ about gay serial killers.

  • Friend of Rufus

    Rufus Wainwright is a brilliant song writer and talent. Whether or not you like his delivery, his work is inventive, unique and well done. And other singers respect him. Hell, I respect him…the guy’s actually an artist. With a brain. If you haven’t listened to his albums, check ’em out.

  • An American

    Intelligent songwriting? I’m amazed!! I think he’s brilliant and I’m so pleased when I hear great music that doesn’t ask you to turn your brain off- Thanks Rufus!!

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