Morning Goods: Hugh Jackman

Ain’t nothing scary about Hugh Jackman. Seriously, the Australian actor seems pretty flawless – something that makes us at once frightfully self-conscious and horny.

We may have been off with yesterday’s conjecture about Justin Theroux’s sexuality, but we still can’t help but wonder about Mr. Jackman. We welcome your thoughts, opinions, and comments.

Unless, of course, you’re too busy drooling over the pictures…

Be sure to wipe your chin. Dribble may not be too terribly horrific, but it sure is gross.







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  • In Love

    Thank you for posting Mr Jackman, I have been a HUGE fan of that hot hairy body for some time!

  • Michael

    Hugh Jackman is a hottie….and rumors still persist that he his on our team…we can only wish and hope! At the Tony’s when he went he appeared to be with his wife and boyfriend who sat next to Hugh Jackman. I sure hope he is one of us….we can dream and thanks for the hot pics of Hugh..great way to start the day!

  • Jonathon


    I love Hugh Jackman… damn, that is one sexy man.

  • adamblast

    Naw he’s straight, though he’s admitted to having a period in his life when he *wondered* whether he was gay or not… I take that to mean he’s had some experiences with guys, for sure… The fact that he’s gorgeous, ambitious and spent 20 years in the theater before becoming a moviestar pretty much assures that he’s not only gay-friendly but gay-experienced and willing to be flirty…

    experimented with guys before and has kissed up to a lot of gay theaterfolk both in his early days and while working on the Peter Allen musical… If you’re going by sex history, I suppose you could say he’s bi, but he’s not really interested in guy

  • Ryan

    I loved the Prestige and he was great in it.

  • sexyr

    Baby he could bang my box! or is it mox? man box?

  • Michelle

    Does it really matter? It’s not like any of us can ACTUALLY have him, so let’s just enjoy the eye candy :) Actually, it goes beyond the eye candy, I’m mind blown by the triple-threat of talent, and most of all he just seems like a genuinely good guy who seems so HAPPY about life all the time! How can you resist that?

  • Donald in Toronto

    I am a HUGE fan of Hugh. He is SO HOT!!

  • Fred in Brooklyn

    I’m told by gay friends in the theater who’ve worked with him that he doesn’t give off a gay vibe at all. They say he’s all man and loves his wife. By the way, he spent only five years in the theater before jumping to the movies.


    Finally, a MAN!

  • shaw

    damn,he’s so hot!

  • Em Cooper

    i’m in love, i’m in love, i’m in love… drooling? oh, so much more :)

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