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  • David

    What a hot dish for a Thursday. Thanks for making my day. This guy is MMMMMMMM good!!!!

  • Darth Paul

    Gross. I hate orange people…too bad if that sounds racialist.

  • Michael

    eh. That’s about all I can muster. He’s got that ugly-cute model look that’s so popular these days that leads to horse-faced models who slouch down runways like high-fashion neanderthals. So, if there is ever a all-male America’s Next Top model, he should do well. But yeah, he’s orange and kinda skeezy looking like he sells stolen goods out of the back of a van. Pass. Where’s that hot, furry thing from the other day…

  • Jeff


  • uwyoalum

    where’s his pubic hair? Is that a full brazilian I see?

  • Ash

    Not usually my type, since he doesn’t have a vagina but I saw that first picture and drew in my breath. Damn!

  • Darth Paul

    WORD, Michael- this site needs more fuzz!

  • Dan

    I didn’t know James Duval was a gym queen.


    I bow to his Royall highness and try to take a peek between those thighs. The glory!

  • Ray

    yeah, OK. first pic is best.

  • Len


  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I think I saw him in the battle scene of the film ‘300’ Wave next time, bitch! Do we even buy Mr USA from Russia as well as all the really good athletes for the Olympics? Inquiring minds want to gloat! BTW – I agree with Ash except about those beef curtains (Vagina!)

  • garynyc

    Love the sort of S & M photos (third on top row and last one) Maybe it just my wishfull thinking but would like to find him strung up like #3 for my amusement (abusement ?)

    sorry naughty me !

  • Eminent Victorian

    I’m not hailing a depilatoried orange guy, gross. Although he does have a nice James Duval face; pity about the rest of him.

  • afrolito

    The spray on orange glow is gross, but the bod is hot. I like the b&w pic the best.

  • donsnyc

    Girl gotta take it easy on the spray on tanning oil.

  • rick

    i do not usually comment on the boy pictures on queerty but i have to say WOWEEEI! about ivan. he is a hunka hunka hunka bunch of handsome.

  • John

    the bad tan doesn’t really bother me. I really like pic #7, it looks like he’s waiting for a guy to come over and give him a nice bj and I’d be very happy to be that guy. He’s got a really nice chest

  • michael

    the face he body are hot, the skin tone and the Fabio hair has got to go.

  • John

    hey Michael..I was gonna say the hair too but held back. I wasn’t the only one….

  • alan brickman

    Once again you guys sound Fat and Jealous!!

  • Jonathan

    He’s gorgeous, but is he gay and single?


    That hair is gross, but the B&W shot is hot

  • DJ

    Who knew Josh Groban had such a great body!

  • Steve Starr

    This is a nice man! I met him in Chicago when I photographed him for a publciity campaign. He is smart, kind, friendly, always smiling, seemingly happy, engaging and polite. At his young age of 24, I think this is really something…he already has travelled the world and aside from his winning the first Mr. USA contest and modeling career, he finds time to be a fourth year medical student.
    He was completely natural and unpretentious, and I found it an admirable trait. I meet thousands of people…Ivan deserves success.

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