Morning Goods: Nick Youngquest

Oh man– Morning Goods. I have no idea what you people want. You can do that thing you did when you were six and told your babysitter that your Mom always lets you eat twelve cookies and stay up after 10. I don’t know any better. Let me know what your ideal Morning Goods is and I’ll accommodate. Have another cookie. Well, not if you want to look like Nick Youngquest. His name’s totally not made up, right?


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  • fredo777

    Good first M.G., mang.

    I always thought Nicky was a hotass.

  • fredo777

    P.S. I don’t think there is an ideal Morning Goods.

    Personally, I think variety is good.

  • dvlaries

    The ideal is at least 25 ( but you can take them to near 40 and that’ll be fine too). Make one or two of them hairy per week, wouldn’t hurt. Let’s not get carried away with body ink either or everything pierced. Photographers want that stern/blank look on them all too much, but when you can find a few that know how to smile, that’s nice too. Whenever any set has none with a smile I always suspect there’s something wrong with the teeth. In the archieves, there’s a guy named Alessandro Calsa. Check him out good – of all that queerty has put up in the last two years, he’s the one I’ve cried for in comments when a gross misstep has been made on this or that day. Good luck :-)

  • dvlaries

    And this morning’s is just fine, by the way :-)

  • Anarchos

    Agreed that there’s really no ideal. You won’t please everyone every time. Variety is the spice of life. Also the spice of naked men.

    Good start, btw.

  • technicolornina

    . . . any chance of some pretty girls for the L’s among us (am I the only one)? I joined this blog as part of a project for a college class and now I’m hooked, but I’m disappointed with the lack of femme. I can deal with naked men if I have to, but a cute girl with nice legs would be *real* morning goods for me.

  • dellisonly

    To Technicolorinina

    Let me think……NO! Naked girls are all over the net and free.

  • Darth Paul


    (Also, No. 6 makes a good point. I’m totally for including the Ls.)

  • jack

    ummm.. not such a great idea on the gals. they abound on the web…

    i asked andrew for one thing, and he never really addressed it. i get SO SICK of body parts. men with no legs, or no feet, or no hands. no matter who they are or what they look like, is it possible to almost always include at least ONE shot of the whole person? it seems such a reasonable request.

    thanks japhy, and welcome. youngquest is ALWAYS a good start to a morning.

  • porsha

    Welcome, and thanks for asking. I’m in the SOME body hair, NO body art or piercing, and, of course, a smile once in a while. Call me old fashioned, but I like men the way nature made them.

  • technicolornina

    @dellisonly: Well, excuse me. I wasn’t aware this was a GBTQ community.

    And naked men are all over the place, too, so I don’t see what the difference is. It’s incredibly hard to find tasteful, pretty pictures of girls that are eye-candy without being downright slutty.

  • fredo777

    I’m pretty cool with inclusion, but always assumed that Queerty was more geared toward gay male readers. I personally don’t want to see ladies here, but I suppose it wouldn’t kill us if there were a section geared toward the lesbian readers.

    Anyway, I also dig a little body hair on the guys.

  • fredo777

    edit: I personally don’t want to see pictures of half-naked ladies here.

    As in, it’s not what I find sexually attractive. I didn’t mean I wanted us to ban girls from our “club”. lol

  • Trenton

    This guy reminds me of my brother, and I’d have to say that’s one thing that I don’t much care for. The other 99% of the time…whatever works.

    P.S. Blech. Tattoos.

  • dvlaries

    I don’t see why there couldn’t be room for a supplemental, recurring feature of women for lesbian queerty readers. Morning Goods should stay men, and the additional feature just one disinterested gentlemen gays pass by. Everybody happy.

  • Rsquared

    Trenton – can you hook me up with your brother?

  • technicolornina

    @fredo777: After spending two months on this project, I’m tempted to start a “girls-only” GLBTQ blog myself. 99% of the GLBTQ blogs out there seem to be guys-only, and the remaining one was a supplement to Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

    Why do people seem to assume the GLBTQ community includes only young white males?

  • afrolito

    Queerty is for GAY MEN. I have no s=desire to see half naked (or naked) women here.

    As far as this guy goes, he’s hot, but these pics are terrible. I also recall him being a previous “morning goods”. zzzz

    Andrew seemed to have a bias against men of color, but perhaps that will change under new management?? Some ethnic diversity would be very much appreciated by those of us who love the beauty of black,asian,latino, and everything non aryan.

  • Vinman

    Occasional women would not offend me, after all you see them all the time on the web. I like men of all races, all sizes, all cultures. But I like MEN not hairless young twinks. Those you see all over the web as well.

  • Graham

    Let’s have some foxy lesbian women, since it seems to piss off a lot of the dudes in here, and definitely ethnic diversity would be nice– and how about some cute chubby/bearish guys every once in a while? That ought to get people riled up. Conversely, I think we also need some waifish fashiony twinks like Patrick Wolf… isn’t it fun when the muscle-queens cry?

  • afrolito

    Pissing off your core audience is a sure way to end all traffic to this site. If people want to see fat hairy bears, they can walk outside or look in the mirror, and absolutely no one wants to see naked chicks in here.

    Ethnic diversity is what this site sorely needs.

  • technicolornina

    Geez. So sorry I assumed this was a blog for the full community, since, you know, it’s not labeled anywhere that it’s intended for gay men only. I guess I should become a mind reader now.

    Opinions were asked, I offered mine. Sorry I was born with a vagina. I won’t speak up again.

  • Graham

    @technicolornina: Sorry about the angry queens in here who feel threatened by female sexuality. I’m hoping we can get some boobies on here too– after all, the logo does have an image of two girls and two guys in it, not just two body-fascist upper middle class white dudes.

  • afrolito


    Oh whatever…I doubt anyone here is angry about your suggestion. I know i’m not.

    This is a gay blog, and if you really have been lurking around here (with your eyes open), it should have been perfectly clear that gay men are the main focus of everything here.

    No one is stopping you from starting a lesbian blog.

  • fredo777


    Ah, well I can’t really argue with the notion of gay often being seen as young white male, as I’ve made the statement myself in the past (btw, I’m not a gay white male, but a gay black one).

    At any rate, I’m just speaking on what I think this particular blog caters to. There are, of course, all kinds of gay-themed blogs, some of which cater more to females, to gays of color, etc. This one, I always felt, seems to cater more to gay men. It’s not so much a matter of excluding lesbians as it is a matter of specializing more to gay men.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Japhy – your first choice of Morning Goods is pretty typical. A somewhat pretty white boy-man in his early to mid-20s without ass, legs or genitalia. Boring.

  • DawgDaze

    I know that, as a small, agnostic brown man, I can’t get enough of men with stamped on crosses and, what appears to be, a perma-scowl. What really kicks off my day, better than coffee, is a man with a blonde, shaved head staring me down in that ‘I’m gonna beat your ass’ kind of way. Hooray for our beautifully diverse community. See you all at the next HRC luncheon, bitches. I’ll be the guy washing your dishes in the back.

  • Bitch Republic

    FYI: His tattoo is Swedish and says “love” and “honor.”


    Beefy, Creamy, just like the doctor ordered!


    Great first choice. Variety is best here but you will not please everyone.

  • Giovanni

    I can appreciate beauty in every form so a foxy lady every now and again would be fine with me – as would more men of color. I live/fuck the rainbow : )

  • Ramon

    Don’t get me wrong, this man is absolutely lovely, but his navel… It just doesn’t look right. I can’t get over it… Does anyone else find it odd?

  • Ray

    @dvlaries: really? he’s way too mannish for me. some of us are twinks who like twinks. ;)

  • technicolornina

    @Graham: The logo is actually what drew me here, because I was trying to find a blog (for a school project, actually – “yay!” for ally professors) that was more GLBTQ-geared than geared toward only gays, only lesbians, only trans, only upper-class GLBT, only black GLBT . . . you get the idea.

    Thanks for the support ^_^

  • Swede

    @Bitch Republic:

    No! The tattoo says ‘love’ (not the noun, but the verb) and ‘honesty’!

  • Jonas

    @Bitch Republic:

    not quite. It says “Love honesty”….FYI.

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