Morning Goods: Scott Herman

Does Scott look familiar? Yep, thanks to Queerty reader Alan, we have a bunch of fun pictures of current Real World: Brooklyn star Scott Herman, who we affectionately refer to as ‘Abs’ — for obvious reasons. We figure we might as well ogle Scott in all his sexy travel-sized glory now, before we inevitably wind up hating him for whatever manufactured drama he winds up embroiled in on the show.

And keep sending those tips and photos. See a hot guy that should be a Morning Good? Holla.

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  • David

    Hot guy to end the week with…Thanks

  • Nate

    Last Pic, Third Row… Sock?

  • ioni

    Danke, danke schoen!
    Very interesting and although a bit of rough, i like it this way :)

  • hardmannyc

    Almost hot enough to make we watch the show. Almost.

  • Cole

    would be better if he didn’t wax his eyebrows. blech!

  • MR


    Based on first pic, first row and first pic, third row, I’m thinking at least a pair of ’em.

  • Lost

    For the love of Gays, would you please make the Morning Goods into a slide show or something.

    Great idea from a reader earlier this week.


  • burton21

    Completely 100% not my type, but goddamn that is one good looking dude.

  • ioni

    Nate, don’t we all want it to be true :)

  • ioni

    Vince, I cannot load up flash – and a slideshow would be ever so small…
    No, leave it this way!

  • Michael W.

    He’s alright I guess.

    Could’ve been worse.

  • Sean

    Never commented on the Morning Goods before but wow! I want to own that tool shed!

  • kevin

    I feel the need to make a comment, all too often we here that gay men are shallow, picky,and superficial.. I read the comment on here and find it lame that you guys post these pics , and please lets be honest of pretty decent guys at best and that none of the readers would kick outta bed for eating crackers and yet time and again comments like, yeah I guess he’s ok but don’t like A. tweezed brows B.not enuff body hair C. too much body hair D. too femme E. too butch no wonder we have such crippling self esteem issues in our community !! Cheers ps I enjoy all the posts…. laters!

  • Strepsi

    I have to second Kevin’s comment: it is disconcerting to always read negative comments when so many of the READERS must feel unattractive, have body issues, and yearn to be loved. I always wonder when I read comments like “Meh?” or “Yawn” or “ANd this is news because…” or “Ugly – Blech” — why did you even bother posting?

    It’s also insulting to Japhy, who obviously found it worth posting, because… well, because he posted it.

    Follow mom’s rule, “If you can’t say something nice…”

  • kevin

    just going over my previous comment… man my spelling and puncuation is atrocious!! lol

  • gray hunt

    Face, hair, body and looks like nice fun down to earth guy, just about perfect….God how I hate him !


    I just wanna lick him all over!!!

  • cruiser

    4th pic 2nd row…DAMN, this is one seriously HOT Dude! Almost makes me want to watch just for him LMAO :).
    On a slightly serious note, I agree with the other posters about how they go to the trouble of finding these guys, posting the pics, then you get some whiner saying that A. he doesn’t ahve enough hair, B. too much hair etc. you’re all correct in that it’s no wonder the Gay community has such self esteem problems, people…GET OVER IT, SIT BACK, ENJOY THE RIDE! who cares if he’s not your “type” it’s still fun to look! :)

  • cruiser

    Isn’t amazing how these so called “straight” guys are willing to not only take off their shirts for pictures but are willing to take off almost everything else(personally I have no objection)or at least tease us with the promise of “buried treasure” keep up the great work and keep those HOT guys cumming(pun intended)

  • RichardR

    @JameJoyce: well worth repeating!

  • Suburban

    Now that I’ve stopped watching TRW they have guys that look like Scott on it. In the past few seasons there has been more nudity than ever from what I’ve heard. I wish there was a RW: Brooklyn uncensored on DVD (REALLY UNCENSORED). He has a hot body and really cute too.

  • jack

    now i am going to have to watch that horrid show.

    interesting casting on their part. an underwear model.

    question… did he have a modeling career going before the show, or is this work from after it was over? if before, he KNOWS he has a gay fan base.

    and i actually thought he was a better than average photographic model. not only does he have great bone structure and symmetry, but he has expressions other than “pout”and “bored”.

  • afrolito

    Gorgeous body!

    He can definetely have a career in fitness/body modelling, but he’d be laughed out of fashion modelling.

  • Dave

    I think I could find tool shed if he needs to borrow one :)

  • Ron

    What sets those abs apart from others is his wonderful inguinal crease, the “Michelangelo muscle.”

  • logan767

    cute guy but please mix it up. there’s more than one type of attractive guy in the gay community.

  • cruiser

    4th picture 2nd row & 2nd picture 3rd row, would’ve been so much sexier if he had been barefoot as well as bare chested, aside from that this is one seriously good lookin dude.
    Wonder if he knows about his Gay fan base yet?!
    As far as modeling, I think he would do rather well maybe not in high fashion but there are other areas of fashion modeling, he would also do well in fitness/athletic wear type modeling also

  • cruiser

    Hey Japhy, how about getting Scott Evans(Chris Evans’ HOT Gay brother)for a Morning Goods?! That would be one helluva way to start the day!!!

  • cruiser

    looking at these photos(again)I just realized that in the 4th photo of the 2nd row he is barefoot & the only thing holding those jeans up is his hand in the pocket…WHOA!!!

  • Jerry

    No i think scott herman is a shallow, i worked out at the same gym as him and he is not all that….Besides i think he really is a bore

  • mackmanuel

    i dont now if is real about the video in corbin fisher naked and jerking off, pls some body now something about, ??? this guy is supperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hot.

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