Morrissey Wanted To “Get Rid Of” Obsessed Superfan, Claims Former Morrissey Bodyguard

Morrissey-2013-Concert-Review-Mondavi-Center-Music-March-4-Set-List-The-Smiths-025English singer Morrissey is “unfortunately not homosexual” (LOL) and unfortunately violent toward his fans, claims a new lawsuit filed by the singer’s disgruntled former bodyguard.

In court papers obtained by TMZ, Bradley Steyn claims he was abruptly fired after declining to “hurt” or “get rid of” the deranged superfan who bum rushed the stage at Morrissey’s May show in San Jose to “attack” the singer.

According to TMZ, Morrissey’s “assailant” has been a thorn in his side for quite some time, publishing “invasive” stories about the singer’s personal life on his notorious Morrissey fan blog.

As you can see in a video of the incident below, Morrissey more or less welcomed crowd-surfing fans onto stage for hugs during the show in question. A great and incredibly sound idea for famous musicians who wish not to be assaulted.

After the show, Steyn alleges that the vegan, peace-loving member of PETA perhaps wanted the fan killed (because honestly, how many different ways can you interpret someone asking to “get rid of” a person whose home address they have obtained?):

Steyn claims in the suit Morrissey asked if there was a way the fan “could get hurt.”

Steyn claims right in front of Morrissey … the tour manager asked if the fan “could be gotten rid of.” Then they discussed how to get the fan’s home address.

Steyn says in the suit he rejected the overture … and got fired the next day.

Morrissey called the allegations “a vexatious lie” and says the matter is “in the hands of the LAPD.”