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Most Teenage Boys Having ‘Risky’ Sex Haven’t Been Told By Doctors About The Hiv

Teenage boys in the U.S. engaging in high-risk sexual activity — “such as having sex with a prostitute or an HIV-infected person or having sex while high or drunk” — aren’t exactly informed about the consequences of inserting their penises into random orifices, as just 26 percent of them said they received HIV or STD counseling from a doctor in the previous year, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, who looked at studies in 1995 and 2002. (Removing risk level factors, just 21 percent of all teen boy respondents said they received such counseling.)

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  • Top

    “about the consequences of inserting their penises into random orifices”

    I highly doubt teenage boys are the ones inserting.

  • michiko

    There are other places to get HIV and AIDS information besides doctors–I see dozens of TV ads about the importance of using condoms, and many (tho not all) schools have decent sex-ed classes. Lets encourage young people to take responsibility for their behavior rather than act like theyre just helpless victims if they get someone pregnant or contract a STD.

  • Jamie

    Wait a minute… I thought porn was the exclusive avenue of sex ed for teenage boys! What gives?

  • PopSnap

    You’d have to be a complete idiot to not know about HIV/AIDS.

    But then again, as many as 20% of my fellow teens don’t know who the first president was…

  • Jeffree

    Part of the problem is that any gay newspaper or mag is filled with ads for drugs used to treat HIV. Too many young gay guys think it’s no big deal to get HIV because all they need to do is “take the pills”. They don’t read the fine print about side effects.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Not everyone lives in a big city as some of the posters along this thread seem to assume. If you live in a small town, you may still be sleeping around, but with few places to go to discuss how to do it safely.

  • Avid

    I’ve noticed a disturbing rise in bareback twink porn over the last 5-10 years. Seems kids born after, oh 1985, don’t connect with the “threat” of HIV the way many did 15 years ago.


    The real issue is the destruction of men in our society. No one cares about the male anymore, therefore there is no awareness for our health anymore.

    But no one will listen as usual and we will continue to see the downfall while I keep pointing and staring into the abyss..

    Wake up or stay asleep…….


    Yet another “positive” result in the frightwing lunatics campaigns to prevent sex-ed in schools that actually deals with real life scenarios……….

  • Bill Perdue

    We need a Manhattan Project approach to HIV-AIDS. It’s a killer: a global and a national emergency.

    Instead of giving trillions to the looter rich we need to invest whatever it takes to get meds to everyone who needs them here and abroad, to fund the fight for a cure and to fund a massive educational campaign pointing out that abstinence and other cult idiocies are a scam.

    We won’t get that from any Democrat or any Republican because a Republican is a racist right centrist with a theocrat attached at the hip and a Democrat is a Republican in drag.

  • hhgg

    he is hjot

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