Mother Opens Grindr, Finds Her Husband’s Headless Torso In Their Bathroom

grindr-torso-x400dIt was one thing for Patrick to catch Kevin using it in the riveting season finale of Looking this week, but in the forums of parenting resource MumsNet, a different sort of Grindr user was being outed.

And unlike Kevin, this loader of more guys chose to use a photo taken in the ‘ensuite bathroom’ he shares with his wife. She was understandably shaken to discover her tile countertop (not to mention her husband’s headless torso) on display for the neighborhood gays to tap on. That profile advertising his lust for ass didn’t help the situation.

User bonniescot123 wrote:

Hello. Hands shaking. Today I found my DH on Grindr.Without a doubt it is him. Posing in our ensuite bathroom. Confronted him. Says it is not him but refuses to let me see his phone. He is refusing to talk to me. Two children. 7 and 10. I am 43. Dont know what to do. Please some advice.

While Bonnie does seem to be in shock, it is initially unclear what made her download the app onto her phone in the first place. She says she “had doubts,” but that’s it.

She later wrote:

I don’t know for a fact if he has done the deed but his profile message indicated he has and was actively looking for a nice ass. There have been signs over the years and he has always denied and made me feel paranoid. We continued to have a physical relationship. I do feel sad for him. For us both and the kids. He is being a complete dick but I still love him.

Sadly, her husband doesn’t seem to budge and do the right thing — open up to his wife and tell the truth for the first time in his life.

But even amid her anger, Bonnie understands what is at stake:

Thank you everyone for the advice. He has been living with this huge burden and I have no intention of destroying him or his reputation so long as he plays fair. I dont know if I can face a solicitor and have no savings to pay for one. I am going to take tomorrow off work as sick leave. Just cant face going in. Cant help wishing I was still in the dark but that is no way to live. Why could he not face up to his sexuality. He has checked out though and I deserve better.

h/t GailyGrind