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Movie About Gay Adoption Too Racy to Be Allowed Into Canada


When we hear about movies being stopped at the Canadian border, we immediately suspect it’s because Michael Lucas was trying to move another shipment of piss porn. But the triple-X proprietor can’t be blamed for all of Canada’s stabs at censorship. This time around, it was some PG films stopped at the border — and they’ve all been shown in Canada before.

The three movie prints are supposed to be used at Inside Out, the Toronto LGBT film festival, except border agents aren’t letting them go until they’ve watched them end-to-end. (Oooh, we just did one.) So what’s inside the canisters that’s so offensive to Canadian authorities? There’s Patrik 1.5, where a gay couple adopts in Sweden! Clapham Junction is about various gay characters and set over 36 hours in Britain! I Can’t Think Straight is about a woman planning her wedding but ends up falling for another woman!