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‘Muriel’s Wedding’ Hunk Recalls Getting Tanned And Waxed For Hit Film 20 Years Ago

DLMy God, did I have to get in shape. Back then, no actors went to the gym. It wasn’t cool. I had to play a champion Olympic swimmer and here I was this pasty, scrawny drama student. I had to get waxed and spray tanned and go on a very specific diet. I had to work my ass off – literally. And being the lazy actor I am, when filming ended I stopped going to the gym…but I kept eating the same diet. So very quickly my body changed again, and it wasn’t for the better, let me tell you.”


Daniel Lapaine, who played the heartthrob husband of Toni Collette’s character in the much-loved 1994 comedy Muriel’s Wedding, reflecting on the 20th anniversary of the gay-fave in Time Out