Muscle Buddy


We know that It can be hard to get the proper motivation to hit the gym. And once there it’s even harder to stop from ogling the bulge in the shorts of the stud benching across from you rather than do a few reps yourself. Don’t blow your gym membership. Get a personal trainer. This is someone who will (or rather should) push you to keep curling those dumbbells and lose the chub.

But don’t simply hire the first muscled piece of eye candy you find. Talk to the trainer beforehand and find out if they’re passionate about fitness and more importantly passionate about getting you in shape.

Our personal favorite trainer is NYC–based trainer Juris Kupri. He’s developed “his own methods of training” focusing mainly on endurance. Just what the doctor ordered for queens who sit in front of a laptop all day – will definitely spruce up our sex life. We also love, love, love Sky Sport & Spa. Located in Los Angeles, their trainers look like they’ve jumped straight out of a WB drama. We like pretty boy Derrick. He’s quite something to look at and we’d be ecstatic if he can get us to look merely half as good as he does.