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MUSIC: David Bowie Drops First Single In A Decade

David Bowie is 66 years old today and, to celebrate, he’s released his first single in a decade: “Where Are We Now” is a silky smooth, ballad, at once sexy and contemplative—and maybe a little sad. The song comes to us ahead of Bowie’s 30th album, The Next Day, due out in March.

Though the The Next Day was written in New York, the new single zeroes in on the city of Berlin, possibly reflecting on Bowie’s post-Ziggy Stardust “Berlin Era.”

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    Yikes! Sounds like Iman’s been slipping Mogadon into his cocoa again.

  • TO

    His “Thin White Duke” period was his best.

  • boring

    Bowie will forever be in my heart, but Tom Waits dropped a new song today too and that shit was mad awesome because Tom Waits is a beast.


  • daansins

    Ouch! His voice sounds very, VERY frail! I hold my breath the moment he’ll be performing this live. I like Bowie though, but this sounds like the ultimate (boring) track for the Google Maps advert. His pronounciation of the German words/names gave me a chuckle. However it’s good to see him back

  • 1EqualityUSA

    David Bowie is a renaissance man. The impact he has had on our planet is immense. Rarely are we graced with so much creativity in one human being. He’s brilliant, dapper, and has grown into his own gentlemanly self. He helped me come out and for this I am grateful. I was once washing lettuce and was so lost in thought. My mother was standing next to me and said, “He sounds so tortured.” I lamented that I was never going to meet him. She said, “I’ve felt that way before.” I asked, “Really? Who was it?” and she said, “Frank Sinatra.” Idolatry can be cured in an instant. I pictured ladies with blue hair bobbing to music in Lost Wages and it put my prepubescent angst into perspective.

    Years later, we were in the Mission and I was driving her car, a young woman blew out of a driveway and hit us. When I turned off the engine to go exchange insurance info, my Ma said, “Hey! Turn the engine back on! Don’t turn off Frankie!”

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