Musical Notes


We know what you’re thinking, “Two videos in one day? We’re the luckiest faglings ever!” Yeah, you are. You can thank us with a million electronic kisses.

After the jump, experience a live performance of Under the Influence of Giants’ “In The Clouds.” In case you don’t know: Under the Influence of Giants are an LA-based quartet who will no doubt be taking America by storm in the coming months. Their debut, self-titled album hit stores a few weeks ago. Drawing on the influence of musical greats such as George Michael, Led Zeppelin, and Mr. Stevie Wonder, the boys manage a distinct sound we think you’ll like. As an added bonus, they’re all pretty attractive. And, no, not gay, but according to their publicist very gay friendly. As if it couldn’t get any better, drummer Jamin Wilcox is the off-spring of Hall & Oates’ drummer, John Wilcox.

Knowing is half the battle. Enjoy!