“My Cheerleader Girlfriend Doesn’t Know I’m Gay” And Other Confessions From Gay Athletes

What’s it like to be gay in sports? Well, better than it used to be — that’s for sure.

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But “better” doesn’t necessarily mean “good.”

Below, hear from guys on Whisper who are dealing with being gay in the still largely homophobic arena that is team sports:

Being on a high school football team is hard when you're gay because everyone is very homophobic. I'm still in the closet because of how hateful my football team is.

I'm crushing on my soccer teammate, but I don't think he's gay so I just play it off as being friendly.

It's hard being a gay baseball player. When all you see is hot ass all day and you can't help but think about it!!!!

Being gay doesn't define my athletic abilities or my masculinity. The guys on my team get intimidated by me because I'm pretty built. They know not to mess with me or who I love.

I'm in love with a guy on my hockey team and I don't know how to tell him, or even if he's gay too.

Being the only gay guy on the football team is like being in a room filled with 1's and being like a 7 (bad analogy but it served its purpose)

I wish there was another gay lacrosse player on my team I feel like I'm the only one.

The guys on my soccer team show each other their dicks because they wanna see who deserves

I really like this guy on my basketball team and it's been distracting. I'm sure it's the reason we've lost the last 3 games.

being the gay kid on the team is irritating people think I'm perving on them

I wish I could tell my soccer team that I'm gay but they would reject me like they do to the other gay guys at school.

I hate myself for liking guys on the team...17 m baseball player. I can't be gay. I just can't.

I'm a 4 sport athlete- soccer, swimming, track, and tennis. I doubt anyone on those teams suspects that I'm gay.

I sometimes feel like my entire cross country team despises me because I'm gay and I don't really follow running like they do

I love playing basketball because I'm secretly in love with my teammate. None of the guys know I'm gay.

Being gay & on the swim team makes my life no simpler. ?

I'm the most popular football player with a cheerleader girlfriend and nobody knows I'm gay.