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Nate Phelps: Tweeting Hate Is Just ‘Standard Fare For’ The Westboro Clan

Nate Phelps has made a name for himself by hating on his family. This is why you love him! You’d probably love him more if he would say that his father Fred was a closet gay, and Joy Behar pushes him on, but he does explain daddy’s obsession with you fagalas: “From the time we were young, he perceived from his interpretation of the Bible that homosexuality was the ultimate sin that you couldn’t recover from, so that kind of became his standard for evil in the world.”

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  • Scott Bonzitski

    Children ARE taught to hate. The shame in this is that people like his family need to realize there are others who have their own opinions too and should be heard fairly. Nice to see Nate was able to “see” others and “feel” their existence. These “people” [WB – I WILL NOT call them a church!] are not even able to fathom an open mind. When humans cannot have an open mind, they wallow with their own demons. How sad…SB

  • Paul F

    Well “phred” has at least done one service for religion as dubious as it is. I always wondered how a loving God could curse a father’s kids for generations to come for HIS sins. It wasn’t because a mean ol’ nasty God is picking on innocent kids. It’s because the father TAUGHT his kids to repeat the same behaviour he was “cursed” for to begin with. Just look at the picket lines of these freaks. Already it’s into his grandchildren putting on the hate. It’s going to take multiple generations before his legacy of poisonous hatred is rejected and recognised for the evil that it is. Nate is one smart cookie to spit it out of his system and break the cycle in HIS family. Unfortunatly, (in MY opinion, not others here) Nate chucked out the whole enchalada, instead of just the Organized Religion parts, so the old man STILL screwed him over.(But that’s a whole other topic that DOESN’T belong here on this blog.) What i’m getting at is, if you look hard enough and long enough you can find a SPECK of something good in even the most despicable of people. So thanks “phred” for clearing that matter up for me, even jerks like you can be useful.

  • D Smith

    yea, read Nate Phelps autobiography about his escape from this cult, its bone chilling and implies much more then even Nate tells.

  • kim ott

    wbc vs McAlester Oklahoma ;) Google it

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