National Gayographic: The UCLA Undie Run

Like the swallows of Capistrano or the Herndon Climb at the Naval Academy, the UCLA Undie Run, which happened this Wednesday, is a great example of the glorious order and rhythm of the natural world. Twice a year, overcome with hormones and booze, the students of the University of California Los Angeles (Go Bruins!) shed their threads and run around the campus nearly naked, knowing that like rampant pot-smoking and sexual experimentation, there is a time and place for everything, at that time and place is college.

LAist has been covering the event since it started in 2002 and ran a photo gallery yesterday, which we found a little too centered on giggling co-eds for our taste. So, for your edification and deeper understanding of the inherent beauty of the natural order, we present, after the jump, a gallery of mostly naked drunk college boys acting like idiots.

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