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Navy Petty Officer Stephen C. Jones Won’t Be Ousted For Falling Asleep In Bed With Another Man

Stephen C. Jones — the 21-year-old Navy petty officer who was threatened with discharge after his bunkmate “caught him” asleep on his bed with a fellow sailor, wearing only boxer shorts — is not going to be kicked out. Jones, who is gay but cannot say so without the threat of discharge under DADT, was accused of “willful failure to exhibit professional conduct” for being in bed with another man when the pair dozed off while watching The Vampire Diaries at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command outside Charleston. (He was not charged under anything related to DADT.) Now all that’s going away, says a release from Servicemembers United. While Jones hired a former JAG to represent him in fighting the Navy’s attempted termination, Brian McGee, the fellow sailor who was in Jones’ bed, previously admitted to committing a lesser crime, which means docked pay but he’ll remain in the Navy. Which is too bad, because it’s clear the Navy’s attempt to persecute these two men was driven not by actual misconduct, but by homophobia. [Note: That is not Jones pictured in the photo.]

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  • kayla

    When is this silly policy finally going to be put to rest…I’m giving Obama until August, then I think all the queer whackjobs should really have at him…This is getting ridiculous, how much training do people need? Just do your job and if you find out someone is gay…just do your job…

  • Zeus

    Lol how embarassing, the Vampire Diaries.

  • RedAssault

    To be fair… if it was a straight couple sleeping in bed together watching “The Sopranos” wouldn’t there also be hell to pay?

  • Evan

    @RedAssault: Nope. Wouldn’t even be agasinst the rules unless there was a violation of some sort of barracks visiting hours policy, and even then the roommate wouldn’t have reported it, and if someone on watch had seen it, the absolute worst thing that would happen would be that the girl would have been asked to leave. There would have been zero question of any disciplinary action.

    There are about 6 ways to get in trouble for straight sexual activity in the military: (a) an underage partner, (b) adultery, (c) fraternization, (d) rape, (e) involvement in prostitution/human trafficking, or (f) sex at work/on deployment. Even sex at work won’t usually get you discharged unless you’re breaking other rules.

  • jacknasty


    The Vampire Diaries is actually really awesome, much tighter plotting and more developed characters that that HBO mess True Blood.


    WOW! The thing happened to me!!!….

    My straight friend Jeremey and I “dozed” off together in bed once also, and his dick “accidentley” would up in my mouth……… :O

  • B

    No. 7 ยท Shannon1981 wrote, “@PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: lol are you sure Jeremy is straight?”

    Was he awake or asleep at the time? Awake – gay; asleep – possibly straight.

  • Oprah

    How cute. Now, when can we get together and watch the princess diaries 2?

  • Oprah

    How cute. Now, when can we get together and watch the princess diaries 2?…..


    @B The “falling asleep” routine went on for months. Jeremey always was “looking to hook with a hot girl” However despite him being totally hawt always wound up at my door looking to “just hang out” Until one night I said to Jeremy “you do realize that awake or asleep you’re kinda sorta Gay”…….

    He now proudly does not leave home without his Gay card……

  • jason

    Who cares if they were lying in the same bed? It’s totally natural. Sexual orientation doesn’t necessarily have to be the motive for such arrangements. Sometimes two non gay-identifying men might want to share a bed for reasons of warmth or feelings of closeness.

    The concept of gay does not have ownership over all forms of male-male intimacy, you know.

  • zeb

    jason, what are “gay-identifying” men? Is that like those dogs at the airport who are “drug-identifying” canines??

    you sound desparate for reasons of warmth or feelings of closeness. or whatever it is that makes u sound so boooooooooring

  • M.


    Majority of men are bi-curious.

  • [email protected]

    Our Lord & Savior Barack Christ could still turn this bullshit …..of homophobia disguised as a concern for “unprofessional conduct,” explicit homophobia in the fact that, according to SLDN, there are AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED ongoing investigations of troops thought to be gay, of AT LEAST FOUR gay service members being killed in action while still forced to live in the military closet, and homohating thugs in and out of Congress trying to come up with some way to at least slow if not outright kill repeal, the DoD still hounding gays they kicked out for “unearned” pay…..into wine by

    1. Doing what he SHOULD have done January 20, 2009: order even the CONSIDERATION of ANY kind of sexual orientation-based investigation ended by imposing a stop-loss order in the name of national security under Federal Law 10 United States Code 12305.

    2. Doing what he SHOULD have done December 22nd: certifying “repeal” TODAY so that that 60 Byrdshit Clause days later open service is the law of the land…”training” or no “training.”

    3. Dropping appeal of the LCR and Witt rulings IMMEDIATELY AND asking the court TO impose a permanent injunction on the ban which is the ONLY thing that could keep a FUTURE administration from bringing the ban back.

    4. Ordering the DoD to STOP going after gays for money they only “owe” because the military kicked them to the curb.

    Obama’s declaring last December that, “This is done!” was just as ridiculous AND dishonest as Bushie Boy declaring “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. The buck still stops on your desk, Mr. President. Man up!


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