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Navy Tells Capt. Owen Honors To Sit This One Out While His Videos Are Investigated

Capt. Owen Honors, the chief of the USS Enterprise who was the second-in-command when he filmed those awful “training” videos, has been temporarily relived of his post pending an investigation. The “Support Captain Honors U.S.S. Enterprise” Facebook page has already launched; it’s got about 800 members thus far.

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  • GetEqual are Spammers

    Can you stop spamming, idiots?

  • Jeffree

    “Chase” does not post those requests on other LGBT sites because he has been bannned: it’s AndrewW’s alter-ego. Never comments on the thread…. just reposts the same catchphrases over and over.
    (No one “from GetEqual” has been seen diving for $ on other sites, either.) Hmmm.

  • hephaestion

    I just spoke with someone affiliated with the USS Enterprise. Contrary to the many pro-Capt. Honors comments seen online (here and elsewhere), she said everyone is surprised he hasn’t been court-martialed because people have been court-martialed for far less bad offenses.

    There are obviously a handful of Capt. Honors supporters desperately trying to make it look like he has loads of supporters. He doesn’t.

  • Daez

    @GetEqual are Spammers: Oh come on, there constant spam begging for money is a great way for us here at QT to fall more and more in love with them.

    They fail to realize that exploitation of the gay and lesbian community while accomplishing NOTHING (oh wait they honestly believe they are solely behind DADT repeal…MORONS) is not something welcome here at QT no matter how long you spam for it.

    @hephaestion: Perhaps she hates him and has a personal vendetta. Please show me where “someone has been court marshaled for far far less.” Court marshal documents are public record.

    These videos aren’t even that shocking. Worse is shown every single day on national television. There is NO reason this man should lose his job and his career over this lapse in judgment. He should be punished for it yes, but relieved of command and dishonorably discharged? COME ON!

  • GetEqual are Spammers

    @Daez: Yay! Spam for Equality! Yes We Spam!

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