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Navy’s Derek Morado Uploaded A Photo Of Himself Kissing Another Man To MySpace. Now: Discharge!

Petty Officer 2nd Class Derek Morado, who was outed in 2009 by another sailor who spotted a photo of Morado kissing another man on his MySpace page (who wasn’t even a romantic interest!), will today face a discharge hearing under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Wait, weren’t those things supposed to be on hold or something? As if.

Instead of making bombs, Morado is now in charge of cleaning the barracks thanks to his discharge investigation. Just like a good little gay, right Navy?

Morado said he’s heard that no one has been discharged from the military for being gay since October. He hopes not to be the first since then, because he wants to make the Navy his career. “It’s all I really know,” he said. “I’ve done it since high school. I just want to keep doing it.” A gay rights group has publicized Morado’s case, putting out a call for signatures from supporters that he can take to today’s hearing. “At least they’ll know people are watching and he has supporters in the community who won’t let it just happen,” said Robin McGehee of Fresno, a director of GetEQUAL. “The fact that the Navy is trying to slide one more discharge in under the wire is disgusting, and must be called out for what it is — blatant discrimination and bullying.”

To actually get Morado kicked out of the Navy, it’ll take the authorization of the branch’s Sec. Lt. Myers Vasquez as well as Defense Sec. Gates, which seems unlikely given the Pentagon’s push toward repeal. But this entire process is so humiliating — especially when you realize that a man like Capt. Owen Honors, who is straight and made fun of gays at their expense, are being pushed out of the military with their retirement packages (mostly) in tact.