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NBJC’s Sharon Lettman: Gay Is the Old Black

People wanted to say that (gay is the new black) came from the white gay movement, and it was provocative. OK, but you didn’t have anybody from the white gay movement on the panel. So to me it wasn’t relevant. I didn’t want to be on a panel at the NAACP when I represent the black LGBT movement, and be beating up on the white gay movement. We were pointing a big finger outside the room, when there was a big finger that needed to be pointed within the room. I say empower the black gay community and let them have the power to know that we have the backing of the greater black community. And then we can go to the white gay movement as an empowered community with a strong constituency behind us, and we will be a critical part of the movement.

—Sharon Lettman, the new-ish executive director of the National Black Justice Coalition, explaining her remarks at a NAACP panel that gay is not the new black [via]