NC Gov Beverly Perdue Would Help Bash Gays If The Economy Were Better

On Friday North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue almost surprised us by saying that she would not vote for the marriage equality ban that will appear on her state’s ballot during the May Republican caucus vote. She said, “My top priority is creating jobs. Too many people are out of work and I’ve heard from several business leaders who’ve told me that the proposed constitutional amendment will harm our state’s business climate and make it harder to grow jobs here.” Awesome!

But before we could thank her for being a pro-gay conservative, she uttered, “I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman: That’s why I voted for the law in 1996 that defines marriage as between one man and one woman, and that’s why I continue to support that law today.”


She continued, “But I’m going to vote against the amendment because I cannot in good conscience look an unemployed man or woman in the eye and tell them that this amendment is more important than finding them a job.”

She also added that several legal experts warned her that the amendment could eliminate legal protections for all of the state’s unmarried couples. But basically her rejection of the amendment boils down to this: “If the economy were better, I might join you in bashing gays. But since the economy sucks and I’m up for re-election I have to pretend that I stand for jobs, despite my lack of a concrete jobs creation plan.”