NC Psychological Association Says Opposing Marriage Equality Is Cray-Cray

As North Carolina prepares to let its citizens vote on the right of LGBT couples to exist, the North Carolina Psychological Association has posted a online letter listing the four reasons they support marriage equality.

We’ve listed their reasons below and added our quick explanations in italics:

1. There is no empirical evidence that supports the denial of marriage rights to people in same-sex relationships – Both straight and LGBT couples both just want committed, loving relationships where they can spoon on the couch, eat Funyuns and watch Modern Family in peace.

2. There is empirical evidence that denial of marriage rights to people in same-sex relationships is damaging to their psychological health – Especially when they’re told by their community that their Satanic nature is why they don’t deserve their partner’s medical insurance.

3. There is empirical evidence that opposing denial of marriage rights initiatives has beneficial psychological effects – Yeah, it makes state citizens feel less bigoted and more like actual humans with feelings.

4. Psychologists have colleagues and we have clients for whom this issue is relevant and important, and who appreciate representation. From a social justice perspective, significant benefits accrue to all of us when diverse families are legally and socially sanctioned. — When the LGBTs are happy, everyone’s happy. But when the LGBTs are unhappy, hairstyles become less daring, show tunes less upbeat and even rainbows seem less, well, gay.

This is the best news we’ve heard from psychological professionals since they released us from the asylum the American Psychological Association said that marriage bans harm children, adults, and overall community health.

Now if someone would only share the news with all the crazies who want to vote against us.