Neil Patrick Harris Denies Wedding To David Burtka Is Off

The National Enquirer, that purveyor of truthy truths, has a story that Neil Patrick Harris and his fiance, David Burtka, aren’t on speaking terms—and have called off their planned wedding.

oprah neil patrick harris david burtka“They’re barely speaking, and as of now there’s no wedding in the immediate future,” revealed an insider.

The ENQUIRER has all the details of the nasty blow-up, which began when the How I Met Your Mother actor exploded over something David said.

The two were on their way to a Tinseltown bash when the fireworks erupted, and they wound up not even going home together that night.

”They walked into the party mad at each other,” recalled the insider. “They both threw back a couple of whiskeys, and that only made things worse.”

If their relationship ends for good, the source predicts the two would face off in bitter custody battle over their 2-year-old twins, Gideon and Harper.

Meanwhile, David – an E! Network correspondent thanks to Emmy-winner Neil’s showbiz connections – is said to be shattered. “Neil’s still mad and David is terrified he’s going to lose him,” confided the insider.

But a quick check of NPH’s Twitter indicates all is well: “The Nat Enq is cray cray,” Harris tweeted last night. “We’ve never had a wedding date, just engaged (Prop 8 and all). We’re on a cruise as I write. He’s rad. All good.”


h/t: La Dolce Musto