Neil Patrick Harris Wins Another People’s Choice Award, 21 Years Later

The People’s Choice Awards, which are better than an Oscar because it’s voted on by THE PEOPLE, was the place to be last night if you were a fabulous homosexual. Queen Latifah hosted! Neil Patrick Harris won for best comedy actor. And he kissed his husband on camera! And then spoke to his kids in baby talk. Awww! Remember back in 1990, when NPH was cute in a whole different way?

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  • Michael

    Love the collective stare at the floor behind them as he kisses his partner HA.

  • JohnStone

    Gay people will never win, you will only distroy anything that is good. You know it and everyone else knows it. Keep your “fight” and soon it will all be over.

  • globo

    OMFG how cute is he!!! I can’t even…

    We need more of him and DAMN! his baby daddy is HOT

  • ChiGuy76

    @JohnStone: Huh? What does “distroy” mean? Is it good? Is it bad? I’m a tad unfamiliar with that verb even though I majored in English in college.

    Also, what does your posting have to do with Mr. Harris’ award win?

  • Screaming Queen

    to the “Get Equal” trolls so prevalent on this site: NO! No! NO0o0o0o0! I gave you money twice last summer, I thought you were super groovy! However, watching your twitter feed on the day of the DADT repeal was disturbing, and whoever was running your feed that day was calling every senator that spoke out against the DREAM SCHEME Act “racist”.

    1) I only donate to groups that share my values

    2) I never donate to groups that shamelessly misuse basic vocabulary.

    “Racist” is a loaded word, and you clearly don’t understand it’s definition. If I can’t trust your grasp of our language, I certainly can’t trust you to spend my money working for gay rights. Besides, the SCHEME ACT has nothing to do with my agenda, you should really be more focused on GAY RIGHTS and not whatever the progressive pet project of the week. ;0)

    Get Equal, GET REAL!

  • Daez

    What passion, what romance! Oh wait, could there be trouble at home for NPH and his beau?

  • Barney Stinson

    @JohnStone: People who cant write destroy right should shut up. Gay people are normal. Without gay people there would be no Neil Patrick Harris

  • Kick

    @Daez: I’ve heard that as well. I guess that makes gay hollywood couples no different than straight hollywood couples. We have achieved equailty!

  • M Spencer

    I loved him before at Doogie Howser and I still think he’s great!

  • Daez

    @Kick: I would really really love for them to be happy together, but I got to tell you that if I just won a huge reward at a ceremony where I brought my partner/husband for a date, I wouldn’t just give him a nice little peck on the forehead while not even looking at him.

  • Blackjack44

    isnt it hilarious how they cut to zac efron with all the gay love being expressed?

  • James

    Notice how in the second video NPH doesn’t let the woman kiss him lolz

  • menako

    @Daez: Stop spreading false rumors. Even when NPH won the Emmy, he’d just peck David on his cheek. No difference to yesterday. They just don’t do PDA. They have NEVER kissed each other on the lips in public.

  • Kieran

    I know it’s a cliche, but they do make a nice couple.

  • MTM


    There is always someone who must write something negative, rather than being proud of them and the visibility they give. They are out, happy, new dads, besides whenever NPH has won something, he’d always kiss David on the cheek. They aren’t so much about PDA, are they? The only picture of them kissing each other on the mouth was a private picture which had been leaked by a friend!.

    They are so cute together.

  • scribe

    @Katy: why does mcafee flag- get equal.org??? Went to check out the site, and my virus detector turned red and said use with caution… Anyone know what’s up???

  • Clever

    I guess good for him although the People’s Choice Awards a kind of cheezy and commonly thought of as “arranged” in h’wood.

  • scott ny'er

    I’m glad he won and that the kiss on the cheek, while not on the lips, is shown on TV. That kiss plus his public affection for his husband and declaration… stuff like this normalizes GLBTs to middle America and hopefully pushes us closer to that… so what, they are gay thinking.

  • Sandy

    Doesn’t the other one have kids with some other guy besides Doogie?

  • LAR


    No, his ex have children. He helped raise them while they were together. He has no rights to his ex boyfriends children. But they still see them alot. Neil has spoken over and over about this in various interviews. Because people make up their own stories about it.


  • testington

    @Clever: People’s Choice awards are not arranged, they are voted on by fan. That is why Twilight won a bunch of film categories because they have a very big and devoted fan base.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Kissing David on the cheek allows the camera to get a good view of his delighted face.

    Yes it’s just that simple.

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