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Netflix is still getting gayer…this time with a new musical

The Witch Boy

Just a day after cleaning up at the GLAAD Media Award nominations, streaming giant Netflix has announced its next foray into LGBTQ content: an adaptation of Molly Knox Ostertag’s queer-themed graphic novel The Witch Boy.

The Witch Boy follows a young boy named Aster who lives in a world fueled by magic. In said world, boys grow up to be shapeshifters, while girls grow up to be witches. Astor is amazed when he begins to develop powers as a witch, in a story that examines societal constraints on gender roles and sexuality.

Netflix has announced that the adaptation will be a full length animated musical, directed by Oscar-nominee Minkyu Lee.

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“It has been a life-long dream of mine to create an animated film that pushes the medium forward, both in content and form,” Lee said in a statement. “The connection between this dream, my experiences, and Aster and Juniper’s story is what draws me to this film every day. I am grateful to be creating this with the wonderful team at Netflix.”

“My hope is that this film, by celebrating queerness & ‘otherness,’ will come to audiences around the world as something truly special,” Lee added.

In addition to announcing Lee as director, Netflix has also said American Gods’ Maria Melnik will pen the script, and that the film will feature all-original music by Haim.

Netflix has not yet announced a release date for the film. Count us in whenever they’re ready.