New Hampshire Wants To Repeal Marriage Equality… Or Does It?

True to their promise, New Hampshire Republicans have begun procedures to repeal the state’s marriage equality law, even though a majority of the state’s citizens support marriage equality.

Their proposed bill would repeal same-sex marriage and allow straight and gay couples to enter civil unions. And according to the Union Leader, “It also contains language that allows any business, individual, school or association to refuse to recognize civil unions, exempting them from state laws that bar discrimination on housing, employment, contracts and grants.”

The legislature won’t be able to vote on the bill until 2012, so that gives us something to look forward to.

Repealed rights! Religious exemptions! Cynical laws! And you thought that New Hampshire was just a bunch of mountains, rivers, and autumnal trees.

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  • Mike


  • Cam

    Funny, the GOP would say that the legislature should vote if somebody filed a court case, then if the legislature voted they would say a court needed to decide. Then if both happened they would say it should be the people deciding. Now when the polls are showing that the people want it, they have abandoned all pretense and are just showing that it is only bigotry pure and simple.

    We need to stop soft peddling around this. Would their be legal racial equality in this country if people at that time were forgiving for being bigots simply by saying they were just following their religion?

  • Robert in NYC

    There would be no legal racial equality if it were left to the states to decide, certainly not for African Americans and no Roe v. Wade either. How would religious cults that meddle in the political process like it if we called for a ban on their tax-exempt status. They don’t even pay property taxes and many of them have a lot of real estate investments, plus they get special treatment from utility companies. Time for that to end. They either shut up or suffer the consequences. Why should they have full representation without taxation and we get no full representation but are taxed to the hilt?

  • Chad

    I am ashamed of our government. The christians are taking over the government and are now the new american taliban. I am suprised we are not rioting in the streets.

  • rextrek

    #3 Chad – I have no doubt that its probabaly gonna come down to that – eventually…especially..IF Obama loses and as gay Americans we have to deal with a Fucking GOP asshole president again…..Im ready.

  • DB

    @Chad: Christian churches have been some of the biggest advocates of gay civil rights. I think you are thinking of Evangelical fundamentalists, not real Christians. Many Christian denominations (particularly in the United Church of Christ and other traditional mainline denominations) have had gay marriage and gay pastors since the 1970’s and 1980’s. 72% of gay Americans are Christian and 10% of Christians are gay. So, while your concern about the christo-fascist Fundamentalist Taliban is completely valid, don’t assume that most Christians agree with them.

  • jasonut29

    @DB I agree that while some of the Christian churches support gay civil rights I would agree that “Christian Churches” have been some of the biggest advocates. Think Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist and of course in my mind the most questionable LDS. These I would believe would account for most of the Christians in this country (bug guess I’m sure). BUT it certainly is not just the evangelicals that are against gay rights. BUT again I have found a huge shift in the actual members of these churches as opposed to what their leaders are preaching….it will take a tremendous shift of bravery of the memberships to start questioning and demanding that the hate and bigotry preached on the pulpits end.

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