Ugly Truth

New Jersey Governor Christie Can’t Decide Which is Worse: Gay Marriage or Taxing the Rich

Chris Christie, the first Republican to win a New Jersey statewide election in 12 years, is also against abortion and in favor of raising the retirement age for Social Security. What a gem. Maybe there is a reason generally liberal states don’t elect right-wing Republicans governor, even though Christie is already being talked about as a GOP presidential candidate for 2016.

If for some crazy reason the Democratic-controlled legislature should decide to follow New York’s lead and pass a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, he says he would veto it. NOM is so proud. Though, to be fair, it’s unlikely that New Jersey will be doing anything soon as they are on the verge of shutting down since Christie seemingly won’t tax the rich and Dems won’t let him cut off too many services for the poor and the elderly.

Noticing a trend?

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