New Jersey Halts Fatal Park Cruising Crackdown Program

Evidently not thrilled that Newark cops have to explain why a married man is dead after cruising for dick in a public park, New Jersey’s Essex County authorities are halting its outdoor sex crackdown.

The five-year program to arrest the indecently exposed at Branch Brook Park — where Atlanta resident Defarra Gaymon, visiting for a high school reunion, was fatally shot after allegedly approaching an undercover detective with his member on full display and reaching for his pocket — will cease, say County Sheriff Armando Fontoura, until more uniformed police can be added.

Edward Esposito, the Newark Cop Who Says DeFarra Gaymon Threatened To Kill Him In the Park
New Jersey AG Will Leave DeFarra Gaymon’s Cop Shooting to the Local Prosecutor

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  • concernedcitizen

    Its unfortunate that someone had to die in order for them to recognize a complete homophobic agenda that these “sting” operations are! Imagine the outrage if instead of men they used young attractive females and propositioned unsuspecting men for sex (not in exchange for money). I think the outcry from the mainstream community would be tremendous. This practice is ugly, and insufferable!

  • dvlaries

    This reminds me of the 1972 movie “The New Centurions,” where Stacy Keach and his fellow cops are sent on plain-clothes assignment to trap and arrest “fruits” in some cruising park.
    38 years later, and so much for evolution and enlightenment.

  • ewe

    @concernedcitizen: That is so true and imagine if that undercover female said she was just “BENDING OVER” to retrieve her lost keys when “ALL OF A SUDDEN I SAW A MAN JERKING OFF APPROACHING ME”. So… “naturally i shot him dead.”

  • ewe

    @ewe: oopsy.

  • Bitter Old Queen

    @concernedcitizen: My guess is they will move the operation to Ballys steam room.

  • Kieran

    What does the fact that Defarra was a “married man” have to do with anything?

  • Dawson

    Cruising in a PUBLIC PARK is not now and never will be acceptable. The guy shouldn’t have been shot, obviously, but the law should crack down on public cruising. Its not homophobic. It targets a segment of the population that don’t even identify with gay men and in most cases even look down on gay men but still want to have their dick sucked in a public park.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Dawson: Queerty has ran articles in the past highlight how these sting operations (though these happened in Palm Springs CA target gay patrons while at the same time going leniently on heterosexuals.

    This highlights the antipathy many of these officers feel and display toward the offenders
    It’s not just about sex in public spaces for these guys because let’s be honest many people straight or gay have done that. These stings specifically target men who have sex with men, hence they use male undercover officers and not any female ones.

  • Cam

    They can do what they need to do without danger. Just post up a few signs that say the place is under surveilence and once in a while have a uniformed officer walk through. End of your cruising problem. Sending good looking undercovers sounds like they are trying specificlly, not to keep the park quiet but to arrest.

    Last comment, sorry if it’s bitchy, but I’m looking at the picture of the guy and I’m a bit surprised that nobody knew he wasn’t straight.

  • condenasty

    I agree that these targeted stings are heavy handed, but I agree with Dawson. Having sex in a public park is not a civil right, it is illegal and dangerous on many levels.

  • RomanHans

    > shot after allegedly approaching an undercover detective with
    > his member on full display and reaching for his pocket

    Let me sum that up a little better. “Shot after allegedly approaching an undercover detective with his member on full display *while* asking the officer if he’d like to have sex, then reaching for his pocket *while* simultaneously lunging at the officer’s gun.”

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