New Music From Nelly Furtado, Fiona Apple, Emeli Sandé And More!

Ready for some Nelly Furtado? Good, cause—Boom!—here it is. The lead single from her upcoming album, The Spirit Indestructible, has landed. It’s always interesting to try to predict what Furtado’s gonna do next: She’s done soul-searching on Folklore and courted mass popularity with blatant sexual imagery and mega-producer Timbaland on Loose. So what’s in store on Indestructible? It’s hard to say. The title sounds expansive and personal, but she’s not exactly bearing her soul on the first single,  “Big Hoops.” It sounds like Furtado’s sticking with the hip-hop sound she established on Loose—”Hoops” song sounds like it could be a Rihanna B-side. Sure it’s fun, but I can’t say I think it’ll be as big as “Promiscuous Girl.”


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