New NOM-Related Site Now Trying To Appeal To Hip Young Conservatives

The internet yawned today as professional spin-doctress Maggie Srivastav unveiled a new site which is a complete rip-off of the gay-run Drudge Report called (wait for it…) The Maggie Report. Apart from “wacky news” about New York’s doughnut burger and a girl fined for saving a woodpecker, Maggie has also sprinkled in some anti-gay pellets like “A Semi-Defense of the Infamous Slavery Passage in the ‘Marriage Vow’ Pledge,” “Florida Teacher Suspended for Facebook Comment Opposing “Gay” Marriage,” and a link to the SLPC-certified hate group the Family Research Council!

Wow! A defense of slavery and a link to a hate-group? Tell us more!!

She also has recorded interviews with Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and other anti-gay haters. There’s also a hefty dollop of anti-abortion articles. She seems to think that if she can imitate Matt Drudge’s formula of conservative and junk news articles, maybe avid web readers will catch on to her hip new brand of homophobia.

But as we know, NOM is not always so savvy when it comes to attracting web users to their cause.

Via Good As You