New Poll Suggests Minnesota May Finally Be Ready For Marriage Equality

minnesotamapJust two months after a poll suggesting Minnesotans weren’t quite ready for marriage equality, it looks like the state may be heading in a more progressive direction. According to a poll conducted by KSTP/Survey USA, a majority of Minnesota voters are in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage for the first time in history.

The poll asked 500 Minnesota voters from different districts if “the Minnesota state law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

Of those surveyed, 51% of Minnesotans favored the change in legislation while 47% were still opposed, leaving two percent undecided. Earlier this year, a different poll suggested 53% of Minnesotans were still in favor of the discriminatory law.

A new bill for marriage equality has survived key committee votes in the state House and Senate, and could be brought before Legislature for a vote as early as next week.

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  • gaymaniac

    For an SSM ballot initiative to be successful the support must be at least 6% higher than the opposition.

  • Merv

    @gaymaniac: Yes. Even if you ignore the Bradley Effect (which seems to be diminishing somewhat), support tends to drop a few points during the actual campaign, plus you need to factor in margin of error. Majority support is better than the alternative, but 51% is not enough for any degree of confidence.

  • ryanthehulk

    Hi, Moorhead MN resident here,
    Same sex marriage in Minnesota is not proceeding to a ballot initiative, it is going through the legislature, so a simple majority support for the legislation is enough to help persuade some lawmakers that voting in favor of it it a political asset.

  • FStratford


    More like 10%.

    Well, maybe a smaller margin is enough this time, since the smear campaigns wont work the second time around (Ask Maine!).

  • Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui

    All members of society are interested in the due observance of the Laws of Nature, hence they have all a right to praise or condemn another man’s actions according as they are conformable or contrary to these laws. They have even a kind of obligation in this respect, lest men be wanting in their duty to society and to individuals, were they not to testify, at least by their approbation or censure, the esteem they have for probity and virtue, and their aversion, on the contrary, to iniquity and vice.

    1) Same-sex marriage is not a useful law, as it does not tend to the preservation and perfection of man.

    2) Same-sex marriage is not a just law, as it does not conform to the will of the supreme legislator; whether that be called “God” or “Evolution”.

    3) Same-sex marriage is not an honest law, as it is not: conformable to the maxims of right reason, agreeable to the dignity of our nature, nor deserving of the approbation of man.

    Those who take part in same-sex marriage are well acquainted with the Laws of Nature which they ought to follow, but they see themselves as their own judges leaving their whims and passions left unchecked, and they understand no obligation to contain themselves within the limits of that regard and respect which they owe to civil society, the tranquility of families, and the happiness of children. They deem themselves the arbiter of their own actions, pridefully announcing the right to being the judge themselves, both of Natural and Civil Laws, and of the manner in which they ought to apply them. This independence and excessive liberty must only be productive of disorder and confusion anytime there happens to be a clashing of their interests and passions with civil society.

    Under a just and beneficent jurisprudence, followers of Natural Law are accordingly administered invincible liberty in both actions and speech; while concomitant to vice and confusion, liberty is necessarily oppressed. The height of felicity and prudence is to know how to guard against vice and confusion; as to banish licentiousness, and yet be no way introductive to tyranny. What is most evident with the legislation of same-sex marriage is that debauchery has become sovereign, the Laws of Nature perverted, the virtuous condemned, and the true felicity of mankind hampered by a quagmire of evil and ignorance; rendering the “Blessings of Liberty” a curse, and in time, reducing the “Land of the Free” to the most abject slavery.

    Same-sex marriage proponents are the vicious oppressors of liberty. They are the malevolent bigots driven by their own prideful prejudices into seeking vengeance; whether it be by slandering anyone with whom they disagree by labeling them a “homophobe”, demanding the criminalization of anyone who refuses them service, mandatory indoctrination of our youth by the State, or the destruction of religious charities and institutions; their agenda violates the very maxims of Natural Law leaving them only the tyranny of legislative oppression as their ONLY justification.


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