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New Yorkers Won’t Mind Waiting On Marriage Till the Leaves Fall, Right?


New York’s state senators may have declared themselves adults this week, but all that wasted time bickering over who was going to hold the gavel means there’s not enough time — or desire? — to get to same-sex marriage. This much we knew when Sen. Thomas Daune was all, “I expect that the Senate this week will pass only time-sensitive, non-controversial legislation.” Then Gov. David Paterson was all, Wait till September, ’cause we’ve got a $1 billion deficit to deal with. Which, while a lot of money, is not so may zeroes when compared to some other states. When faced with its own budget deficit, California began issuing IOUs to its debtors, which include civilians. These are pieces of paper saying “we’ll get to you later”; just like New York’s marriage! Wahoo!