Data Dump

New York’s Politicos Forced to Look at Excel Spreadsheets of Gay Support


New York State should have everything working in its favor when it comes to same-sex marriage: A governor who supports the cause, the liberal influence of New York City, a Democratic-controlled legislature who promised to pass the legislation if they were put in power. And yet: Nothing yet. Much of the lack of progress can be attributed to anti-gay Sen. Ruben Diaz and the deal Majority Leader Malcolm Smith made with him not to bring gay marriage up for a vote. So now the Empire State Pride Agenda, a surprisingly effective gay rights org, is going to hit legislators with the facts; they’re submitting the latest poll data to elected officials to show ’em just where their constituents actually stand on same-sex marriage. The always intrepid Elizabeth Benjamin:

The polling from four Long Island districts obtained by the Daily News shows voters support granting the right to marry to same-sex couples, 52-42%.

Support is strongest among women, voters younger than 30 and independents – a key constituency that can make or break tight races.

Long Island is expected to again be a battleground in the 2010 fight for control of the state Senate, in which Republicans will try to regain the majority and Democrats hope to grow their slim, two-seat grip on the chamber.

The four Republican Long Island senators targeted in the agenda’s polls were: Ken LaValle, Kemp Hannon, Charles Fuschillo and John Flanagan.

Six Democratic senators have said they won’t vote for the gay marriage bill, so advocates are looking to the Republicans to make up the difference.

Despite Gov. Paterson’s call for an up-or-down vote on the marriage bill he introduced, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) says he won’t let it onto the floor until he’s sure it has at least the 32 votes necessary to pass.