New Zealand: Exodus International’s Mission to Cure Gays Is Unnecessary, No Longer Tax-Free

Exodus Ministries Trust Board, an affiliate of Alan Chambers’ U.S.-based ex-gay group Exodus International, will no longer get to solicit funds tax-free in New Zealand, the Charities Commission there ruled. After 10 years of enjoying charity status, Exodus was stripped of its credentials because its mission — to cure people of The Gay — is not actually a public benefit, since there’s nothing good about “curing” homosexuality. Too bad too, because Exodus could really use the budget boost.

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  • pete

    Ugh! Here is this picture once again of that scary-looking, demonic, insane fruitcake! I hate him and his yellow cum-stained teeth.

  • L.

    Everyday should bring wonderful news like this one.

  • scott ny'er

    this is great news



    @pete: This one is extra scary-looking, demonic, insanly fruitcakey. :p

    I apologize to all who may have recently eaten prior to viewing this………

  • axos

    “It [Exodus]claimed it was equally as entitled to be registered as Rainbow Youth, because of Rainbow Youth’s mission to actively increase the self-esteem of GLBT youth and their families.”

    I fail to see the logic here. Do they mean that since Rainbow Youth increases the self-esteem of GLBT youth, Exodus will run out of business and need compensation?

  • Chris

    Great, now us australians are gonna have to watch the gaybours lord it all over us….typical :P

  • Lanjier

    One sad thing about these gay guys is that I would bet that in their communities they are never thought of as “ex-gay” despite attending Exodus. They can never really exit, because once it is learned that they went to Exodus, christians really think of them as gay — forever. Because that’s the truth.

    That big hello kitty light bulb he has sitting on his shoulders will always be there too.

  • Bill Perdue

    Tax the cults till they drop. Then tax ’em some more.

    Religion is the enemy.

    Religion is a form of insanity composed of equal parts of greed, superstition and ignorance that comes howling straight out of the Dark Ages and prehistory.

    Religion is humankinds greatest tragedy.

  • Markie-Mark

    To paraphrase Marie Antoinette: Let them drink blood.

  • Scott

    I had a dream about a guy who looked like this. He was glaring at me through the shades of my bathroom window when I got out of shower. I WOKE UP IN COLD SWEAT!

  • Joe Schmoe

    They should declare it taxable retro-active to the beginning and collect all the back taxes!

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