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NEWS: HRC Honors Anna Wintour, The Pope Bashes Marriage Equality, Janice Daniels Can’t Stop Gay-Hating, And More!

Welcome to the Short List, where you’ll find all the news and entertainment tidbits worth digesting for the day.

In this edition, the future holds much prospect for the gays. Ryan Murphy will be initiating Anna Wintour into the Fellowship of the Allies, a trans businesswoman will be running for office, and more.

*Glee creator Ryan Murphy will present Vogue editrix Anna Wintour with the Ally of Equality Award at the HRC Greater New York Gala on February 4 in New York. “We recognize Anna Wintour for her grace, dignity, style, philanthropy and generosity,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese.

*Florida businesswoman Gina Duncan has begun her campaign as the first trans candidate for the Orange County Commission. Good luck, Gina! [Orlando Sentinel]

*The FBI has updated its 80-year-old definition of rape to include more victims, including men. [Washington Post]

*That dude in Rome with the silly hat says that gay marriage threatens “the future of humanity itself.” [Reuters]

*Troy, NY, mayor Janice Daniels just can’t stop insulting gay people []

*Gay marriage foes have already begun their fight in Washington State, hot off the heels of Gov. Chris Gregoire‘s announcement that she supports marriage equality. A conservative lawyer filed “an initiative seeking to clarify the definition of marriage” as between one man and one woman.  Meh. [News Tribune]