Newsom Praises CT Gay Nups

Gavin Newsom, the San Francisco lawyer who began issuing gay marriage licenses way back in 2004, released a statement today celebrating the same-sex nuptials ruling Connecticut:

Today, the Connecticut Supreme Court took an historic step by joining California and Massachusetts in the fight to provide marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. The Court’s decision to overturn Connecticut’s ban on equal marriage rights indicates that all across the country, communities are reaching the conclusion that separate is not equal, and that we should not harm our friends, neighbors and coworkers by denying them equal treatment under the law.

Our task now is to protect marriage equality at the ballot box in California by voting No on Proposition 8.

Newsom’s words couldn’t be more important – we’re sure California’s right will use the Connecticut decision to scare up more supporters.

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  • dvlaries

    You guys really don’t like Gavin Newsom, do you, queerty…? This is the second dog of a picture of him you’ve used in a month.
    Get it together, you guys. Here’s a GOOD picture of Gavin. Try to remember.

  • fredo777

    I like that shot of him.

    His hand gesturing is cute in the shot. Anyway, I just wish the Yes on 8 lot weren’t given ammo by way of Newsom’s quote about the people of Cali having to accept our marriage rights “whether they like it or not” as it could cause some defiant backlash + hurt us in the long run.

  • DairyQueen

    Umm the San Francisco lawyer? Come on Queerty, he was the Mayor in 2004 and still is the mayor of San Francisco. Misleading readers again.

  • Eric

    Gavin Newsom is a businessman and mayor of San Francisco, not a lawyer.


    I totally agree DVLARIES. Stop posting his bad pictures!!! LOVE HIM!

  • michael

    Gavin Newsom is one of the most important people involved in the contemporary LGBT movement, and pretty much a household name to those of us who are involved or at least stay informed. I cannot believe Queerty that you put “a lawyer” as his occupation. He is the mayor of the gayest city on the planet, one of our biggest advocates. Maybe it was an oversight but still a strange one.

  • michael

    Also, he deserves more from us than to post pictures that make him look any less than he is, a class act.

  • john

    I am in total love with him. Why can’t there be more straight guys who can be THIS cool with all humanity? He’s just a really good person and I KNOW he’s going to go on to MUCH bigger things in his life, he has that energy about him. Plus the fact that he is cute doesn’t hurt either.

  • alan brickman

    Again just before a presidential election he goes public about gay marriage just like the last time…..conicidence??

  • Joseph

    Mayor Newsom to you!

  • Candy

    Yeah, he’s mayor when he isn’t busy fucking his campaign manager’s wife…..

  • chuckamok

    Mr. Newsom is not a lawyer.

  • pickles

    Newsom has TOTALLY exceeded my meager hopes for his actions. He has really rocked.

    WHY does Queerty use such crapola pix of him?

  • Brian Miller

    Again just before a presidential election he goes public about gay marriage just like the last time…..conicidence

    Yep, he’s clearly one of those terrifying and well known San Francisco right wingers trying to throw the election!

  • IHeartRyanReynolds

    It is absurd that the editors of Queerty continue to blame Gavin Newsom for providing a soundbyte to the Yes on 8 campaign. Blame Yes on 8, not Newsom. In retrospect we all wish that he had used slightly weaker rhetoric, but he was speaking from the heart, and I don’t think he could reasonably have foreseen that his comment would be manipulated with some success by anti-gay propagandists. So I guess Queerty would prefer that nobody ever speak passionately on behalf of gay rights since their comments could be used against the gay community? Mayor Newsom has been an aggressive advocate of gay rights. He’s been one of our strongest allies, if not our strongest. And who cares if he’s used that support to his political advantage? That’s what politicians do, so don’t act so naive.

  • Bill Perdue

    This regurgitation of hero worship is absurd. Gavin Newsome is a politician, a Democrat, and he doesn’t give a rats ass about us except on Election Day in SF, when our votes count.

    He’s for same sex marriage to get votes, just like Pelosi. He doesn’t walk on water and he’s no better that than any other Democratic (sic) or Republican politician, which is to say he’s an opportunist hustler.

    Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage. Ambrose Bierce

  • Wayne

    Queerty must still be mad that Gavin called Obama out for not even having the balls to take a picture with him at fundraiser when Gavin was taking so much heat for first moving gay marriage to the forefront of politics. The Obama man/crush Queerty has is really getting pathetic.

  • alan brickman

    The picture makes him look flakey and stupid…which he clearly is for going off about gay marriage just before the pres election “once again.” Thanks for polarizing the republicans to get out and vote, Gavin!!

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