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Newt Gingrich Will Not Sit There And Let You Call The AFA A ‘Hate Group’

Campaign liar Newt Gingrich, who helped traffic six-figure sums into the campaign to oust the three Iowa Supreme Court justices who (like the other four) voted to legalize same-sex marriage, was asked about his work with the American Family Association Action in that campaign, and whether he rejects the homophobia that Bryan Fischer peddles. But it’s hard for Newt to answer the question when he rejects the premise: “You bring a series of allegations that I can’t check about a group that is largely a Christian based membership group, that is fairly widespread in its membership and I suspect most of those people do not in any way think of themselves as a hate group even if that’s how you would characterize them.” See, if the members don’t consider themselves part of a hate group, then they … aren’t? Is that how self-fulfilling prophecies work?